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Aug 8, 2015 8:40 AM ET

Archived: Could you hurt this face? Save us!: to help these rescue pets find a forever home

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2015

Could you hurt this face? Save us!



The story of the project

Love Pets Photography is a valuable supporter of Animal Welfare League and the distinctive and beautiful portraits we have taken are free of charge  in order to help these rescue pets find a forever home. “Loved” our stunning photo book is being created so we can further financially support the Animal Welfare League as they continually care for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for over 55 years. All profits from the sale of “Loved” will be donated to Animal Welfare League

How the funds will be used

Our target of $27,000 will allow us to design, produce and market 1000 copies of our limited edition “Loved” photo book.
Your generosity will ensure that we create a product that will potentially raise $100,000 which we will donate in full to the Animal Welfare League.

$27,000 will cover costs such:
– Production
– Import Duties
– Porting
– Taxation
– Marketing

Some of my other work

Love Pets Photography has formed a strong relationship with the Animal welfare league (AWL) over the last 12months.

“The AWL has been so blessed to be working with Love Pets! The staff have been so generous with their time and talent in giving us a few hours each week to bring animals into the studio for their professional photos. We try to prioritise photographing the more “unadoptable” or “long term” animals as the Love Pets photos stand out from the rest and prove to increase the likelihood of these animals finding their new homes. We have been amazed with the number of people that contact the shelter from all over NSW wanting to adopt a particular animal because the photo just caught their eye and they fell in love instantly. Love Pets have assisted us in rehoming so many shelter animals and their passion and enthusiasm for wanting to do absolutely everything they can to help is astounding. They not only take photos for us to use, but they also share our animals on their Facebook page, have the photos on banners in the shop window, and raise money anyway they can. The AWL are so grateful that the session fees from this stunning LOVED book , along with the profits from sales of the book are also being donated to us to help us to rescue, look after, re-habilitate and re-home the pets that end up in our care.”

Erica Pankhurst
Animal Welfare League

Contact Information:

Glenn Addison

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