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Aug 7, 2015 12:26 PM ET

Archived: I am (n)u(e)rban: unique nude urban photographs at worldwide metropolises of the Austrian model Vienna

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 7, 2015

I am (n)u(e)rban


“I am Nu(e)rban” – unique nude urban photographs at worldwide metropolises of the Austrian model Vienna. A wonderful combination of beauty, life and freedom!

My name is Vienna … named in affection to my wonderful adopted City. Since a couple of Years I work as a model for nude urban photography next to my own business as graphic designer. When I did my first nude pictures in a public area it cost me quite an effort to turn off my clothes. I had the feeling I did something indecent. But exactly that may be what attracted me to do this shoots. Very soon I realized a feeling of liberation and I evolved a great delight. Quickly after the first pictures where published it became apparent that they emitted a huge fascination to the viewer. Within a short space of time I got a steadily increasing fan base, and neither a nude photography of me in a private area nor the same picture not nude would have had the same effect, this was absolute clear for me. It was just the fact that I did something “not normal”. And so, what began as some “funny shootings” turned gradually away from exhibitionistic perception into a focus with a fundamental question: What’s the definition of normal? What means unusual or not normal? Am I not normal if I don’t force myself into society constrains.

I realized more and more how much we all divide the things around us in “normal” and “abnormal” in the same way how we like to simplify the things in good and bad. The more we – me and my husband Matt – looked at the photographs the more we realized also which peaceful statement is behind these pictures, although it shows something “not normal”. We decide to start a unique worldwide project. The famous places of the capitals and metropolis became the playground of our nude urban photographs. Could there be something more peaceful than a woman in her birthday suite in the midst of a City, no chance to hide something behind clothes or even to hide herself.

Nevertheless I am not the typical nudist, there is a second side in me, I am not against fashion and trends, no I really love fashion, I love to beautify things, how could it be otherwise as a professional designer. Therefor I always search for fashion which doesn’t hide the body. Our today’s society treats the greatest miracle – the human body – as it is something bad as if you have to shame for it. Parents covers the eyes of their child when they see somebody nude on TV but on the other hand it is the most normal thing on earth that our child can see weapons and violent everywhere. And here we are back at the initial question: What is “normal”?!

My nude urban photographs should inspire you to think about clichés and the prescribed “normal” way of life. Come with me on a travel you will not forget through 7 capitals and metropolis which are Austria’s fairytale capital Vienna, the crazy and pulsating Berlin, the door to the world Hambourg, Portuguese romantic capital Lisbon, the awesome Sydney, the magical Budapest which I discovered with a lovely Italian girlfriend, the bohemian pearl Prague, the ambrosial Amsterdam and the capital of love Paris. 70 pages with about 140 unique photographs.

5% of the proceeds will be proceed to the pubslush foundation.

All further proceeds of this campaign will be used to 100% for book design, marketing and production for this first volume and additionally for the realization of the second volume. 

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