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Aug 6, 2015 1:29 PM ET

Archived: Paradise Park Pavilion: a playful space where children who come to stay and play sessions can eat, play, read and mess about in the fresh air

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015

Paradise Park Pavilion



Over the past two years the existing stage has fallen apart and only a timber base is left. One of the nursery mums is a local architect with Collective Works, and with product designer Patrick Laing , they have given their services free to design a new structure around the existing basic wooden platform. We have hosted a workshop with the children and their aspirations for the pavilion was limitless, and we decided that it is exactly this free flow of ideas and imaginative play that the stage should evoke. The stage will be a covered landscape of hanging ropes; it will provide shelter from the elements while still letting in light, it will be a covered place where the children can eat outside, a perfect place for imaginative outdoor play. All the funds collected will go to the material cost as the design and build will be based on parents and the Children’s Centre Staff volunteering.

What we’ll do:

  • use existing base
  • erect corner posts to support corrugated pvc roof
  • hang a grid of ropes from rood grid to create hanging landscape

Why it’s a great idea:

Paradise Park Children’s Centre in Holloway is well-known for its emphasis on outdoor play, and in a borough which has less open space and fewer parks than any other in London, this is a vital element. Children in Holloway have higher rates of obesity than anywhere else in the borough, and Islington’s boys in particular are falling behind national averages in terms of health, obesity and educational development due in part to a lack of outdoor play. Due to recent cuts, there are limited funds available for special projects, but we would like to help its outdoor play aims by creating a pavilion for outdoor play. The Pavilion will be enjoyed by children from both the nursery and the wider community who come to stay and play sessions.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Detailed Design Pro Bono by Local Architect and Designer
  • Fundraising effort led by Nursery Parents
  • Build by Nursery Parents and Children’s Centre Staff

Collective Works, an architectural practice based in East London has already donated £250 to the cause. We are hoping to get some materials and labour donated, but we estimate we still need to raise £2000 to get it built.
We are looking to parents and local businesses to donate to each sponsor a rope, and can include a company or child’s name on ‘their’ rope in return for their donation – large or small.
If you can help with a donation, match funding, or offer any time or skills in the next 3 months please do get in touch. We are hoping to build the stage by early autumn and will be running a number of fundraising initiatives between now and then, as well as planning the build itself.

Contact Information:

Siri Zanelli

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