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Aug 6, 2015 6:42 PM ET

Archived: Help us to support young musicians: to provide exclusive and exciting courses in the performing arts

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015

Help us to support young musicians

We are a new company, set up in 2015 to provide exclusive and exciting courses in the performing arts.  We currently have a few courses beginning in September through to the end of November, and many more planned for 2016.

I am a former UK serviceman who was discharged from regular service in 1994 following an injury, but after that I served with the reserve forces and cadet forces (both Army Cadets and Air Cadets), as well as helping to teach learners of all ages (7 to 73) to play brass and percussion instruments. Helping young people to join in as a group and work as part of a very precise team gives pleasure as well as social skills and the chance to interact with other like minded people across a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.

It is also good for their health! See this article from the DAILY MAIL or read the UK Governments document on MUSIC FOR YOUTH

If we could afford it, we would provide the subsidy ourselves, however we are a new company and we are sadly unable to do this – hence the fund raising!  Please note that we will be charging the children that are accepted (with a subsidy of up to 50%)  the COST price of their course.  The company will make zero profits from these customers.  We profit from good Karma, and the reviews we will receive from them. 

By helping us in this campaign, not only will you be helping to provide support to young people and their families who would struggle to find the funding for a course, but also to give young people the chance to develop their musical and social skills and have fun with other like minded individuals across a broad range of ages.  Playing music in a group, or singing in front of an audience requires lots of dedication and discipline along with practice and guidance.  These youngsters have already spent at least a year to learn the instrument or to sing, and they will benefit greatly from the courses.  We aim to inspire them by only using the best private and celebrity vocal coaches for singing, and some of the biggest names in Brass and Military bands for the Master Classes. 

This fund will be specifically used for UK & US residents.  If any businesses wish to donate and receive advertising on our website (which will be upgraded soon) and on the live course itself, then please contact us at this email address CHILDRENS FUND EMAIL.

All donors will be invited to attend the course to watch during rehearsals or to come along with complimentary tickets to any concert given at the end of the course (travel and accommodation is obviously not included!)

We will also extend the subsidy to disabled musicians up to age 30 who require a carer to accompany them.

People complain that the youth of today are out of control because they are bored – lets help these youngsters that have already spent the time and effort into doing something creative develop and improve the enjoyment they and others get from their music making!

We are looking to raise an ambitious amount, so we have put in some pretty spectacular rewards!

The rewards vary from a heartfelt thank you, Twitter mentions and email updates through small gifts, London Theatre Tickets with a meal at “The Ivy” and 2 nights accommodation at “The Ritz” to a Luxury 5 days in Las Vegas with tickets to see a headline act such as Elton John, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Rod Stewart plus VIP tickets to Penn & Teller with their popular meet and greet after the show.

Please donate only what you can afford.  We want you to feel good about donating, and we will try our very best to make sure as many kids benefit from your kind donations!


Contact Information:

David Brown

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