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Aug 5, 2015 9:04 AM ET

Archived: StandDesk The most affordable, automatic sit-to-stand desk

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015

In a workforce full of sitters, StandDesk has risen to the occasion and presented a new and affordable standing option. StandDesk is a simple, automatic sit-to-stand desk that helps boost your health, happiness and productivity.


Sitting is the new smoking. Medical research has found that if you sit for more than six hours a day, like all of us likely do, you have up to a 40% chance of dying prematurely. In addition, sitting also causes weight gain, back pain, productivity loss and even diabetes.

Unfortunately, many work settings require employees to sit at desks for hours at a time. Research has found that breaking up long sitting periods by simply standing periodically can curve the negative side effects of prolonged sitting. In fact, standing throughout the day is proven to be as healthy as brief exercising once a day.

The standing trend has been catching on in offices worldwide. Many companies have been making sit-to-stand desks for just this reason. The problem with the current sit-to-stand desks on the market is that they are bulky, complicated, ugly and, at the average price of $1K – $5K per desk, are extremely overpriced.


At StandDesk, we have made the most affordable, automatic sit-to-stand desk on the market. Starting at just $399, we offer a sleek, lightweight, easy-to-assemble piece of furniture for your office and your home.

The StandDesk is unlike any other sit-to-stand desk in that it is fully automatic and functionally simple. The Stand Desk was designed with simple and economic products like steel and bamboo, both of which are customizable in color. Unlike other sit-to-stand desks, our desk has no middle stabilizing bar, so there’s much more room for your legs and for drawers you may want to add. Whenever you want to switch from sitting to standing, simply push a button and the desk raises straight up. When it reaches your desired height, push the button again to stop it and continue working from a standing position.

We are able to achieve such a low price point because we have found a way to build a desk that uses just 1/3 of the parts of normal sit-to-stand desks. Fewer parts mean a simpler, more affordable option for you.

Even better than the price and simplicity of StandDesk is the numerous health and wellness benefits that comes with it. Benefits of owning a StandDesk include productivity boosts by up to 10%, an increase in concentration, heightened energy levels, less back and body pain and overall health benefits that compare to exercising once a day.


As a recent startup company, we have made some incredible progress so far. Through April and May of 2014, we launched an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign through which we raised $650K — that’s $600K more than our $50K goal! We have generated $1 million in revenue from 1,615 StandDesk orders. Our product is on the market with a patent pending. We also have a 2.0 model in development. Current partnerships include Proctor & Gamble and Optimizely.

We have interested international distributors on every continent but Antarctica!

The press has also been buzzing about our desk. Talk shows, news programs, and prominent tech and business sites have featured and raved about the affordability and benefits of our StandDesk. Fast Company, Fox News, Mashable, Business Insider, Fast Company, GizMag, the Queen Latifah Show, and Digital Trends are just a few who have been talking about us. Click on the the below images to read the articles about what they are saying:


TheStandDesk Featured in multiple FastCoDesign‘s articles: 
“The Best Office Products of 2014”
“The Co.Design Guide To Black Friday 2014”


CEO Steven Yu created StandDesk after a motorcycle accident in college. After his accident, Steven found that, even with physical therapy, sitting for a long time continued to hurt his back. After his doctor suggested a natural remedy of standing more often, Steven researched and found sit-to-stand desks online. After looking at many desks, he found that all of them were way too expensive. So he made his own. The result was the easiest, most affordable sit-to-stand desk on the market: the StandDesk.

Steven graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administrations. However, armed with childhood engineering skills he learned from his father, he went on to study engineering during his International Master’s Program in Beijing. Steven is the former Partner/Co-Founder at HW & Sons, a manufacturing company based in Shanghai. At StandDesk, Steven provides company vision as well as expertise in development, finance, marketing and PR.

Jason is an experienced digital marketer focused on building scalable digital marketing strategies that include owned, paid and earned media. Recent employment includes being the first employee of the online men’s custom clothier Indochino Apparel. Heading all digital marketing and PR channels there, he built the brand from $500K per year to more than $10 million per year in less than two years. Jason is responsible for North American operations, finance, marketing and PR at StandDesk.

Stan has more than 20 years of experience in logistics, distribution, trade compliance and supply chain operations. Prior to joining StandDesk, Stan held positions in retail management, distribution, trade compliance, quality control, information technology, loss prevention and international transportation for companies such as Expeditors International, lululemon, Kmart, Please Mum, Aritzia and Overwaitea Food Group. He heads all operations and logistics at StandDesk.

Julia is an LA-based producer and videographer with work in a variety of projects, from corporate videos to feature films. After receiving her degree in Film and Television Production from Boston University, she worked on documentaries, commercials, diversity festivals and crowd funding campaigns, including StandDesk’s incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. Julia has continued to work with StandDesk and currently handles orders and customer service.

Richard brings more than 15 years experience in R&D, online accounting, ERP products and e-commerce solutions to StandDesk. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. Richard previously worked at Sage 50, where he led R&D and Operations teams. He then founded and ran Webify Technology, a successful consulting firm that develops e-commerce solutions. Richard is in charge of development at StandDesk.

Dave is a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, innovator and computer security expert who has spent the past 15 years hacking his own biology to look younger, feel better and be smarter. He created one of the first cloud computing services, ran strategic planning for two public companies, worked for a Sand Hill Road VC firm and was the first human to sell anything using e-commerce.

Joan is a leader in innovative approaches to Healthy Aging, advocating personal responsibility as the first step to being healthy. She draws on her special experience with NASA and stress research to provide non-medicinal, readily available, natural solutions to downsizing stress and staying fit. She is the author of “Sitting Kills, Moving Heals”.

Robert is chief strategy officer and vice president of corporate development at Analog Devices Inc. He has an extensive background in technology and emerging market development, having served as the chief technology officer of Tessera Technologies and of PMC Sierra. Prior to this, he was CTO for Intel in China, the Intel Communication Group and the Intel Enterprise Processor Group.

Bing is founder and chief executive officer of BackJoy, a company that creates and distributes innovative solutions to relieve and prevent back pain. As the company’s founder, Howenstein believes there is a better, healthier way to sit, stand and sleep and is committed to delivering positive, life-changing results in these areas.

Mike is a performance-driven e-commerce executive with a proven track record of driving significant growth at a leading online action sport retailer. He is an expert in developing and implementing internet retail best practices and advanced digital marketing strategy to unlock a company’s true potential online.

Contact Information:

Steven Yu
Jason Carvalho
Stan Veljkovic
Julia Grimm
Richard Zhou

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