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Aug 5, 2015 2:30 PM ET

Archived: PazArte Amor: I am a painter. I put my heart on canvas. Our first book is ready to print and we have pending clothing orders. Designs are ready. PazArte Amor is ready to grow!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015
Personal Story

Hello! My name is Doribel Barbosa, or Doribela. I grew up and live in Puerto Rico where I earn my living as an artist, a painter. I’ve also been teaching yoga for some time. I started selling my art as a student at FIU, mostly drawings for five dollars. In 2008 I did my first Expo and from that day I haven’t stopped painting.

I can say I’ve found my passion, my dharma. Both art and yoga give me an opportunity to bring peace and beauty and good things into this world. More than anything I am grateful to be able to do this. I want to paint forever, but I can only paint so much. I live a happy modest life with my two sons and my husband. I love them.


Business Description

I am a painter, I paint. I put my heart on canvas. Then we, (the family), go to art shows, a lot of art shows. Sometimes I get commissioned to do some work and then there’s the occasional Expo. About two years ago my art became our main household income. Fortunately I’ve done well.

As I grow wiser, I paint slower. I need to put my designs to work. This year we tested some prints on apparel and I am ready to launch my line. Our other project starts as an illustrated book. It is the story of nine eco-friendly heroes. But it is more than just a book. We see a window to tell the world about conservation, permaculture, yoga, love and many other things we’ve learned.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Our first book is ready to print. It is a 40 page illustrated book. We need to buy 10 ISBN numbers for the series and print 500 copies to start. That is $2,300 to start that project. We are already building demand.

We also have a pending order for 140 high quality t-shirts and tank tops, and we need to get them printed on. The designs are ready. We need $750 for the shirts and $840 for the DTG printing. The rest of the loan will be spent on marketing and for some flexibility in case of any unexpected expenses.

Contact Information:


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