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Aug 5, 2015 8:24 AM ET

Archived: Camino will be a beer-centric sandwich cafe located in Milwaukee’s historic Walker’s Point

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015
Personal Story

When I was young, I’d sit with my grandpa while he bar-tended at the saloon he owned. I’d help him pour Pabst for the old timers there while my grandma was in the kitchen, frying up some of the best fish and chicken Wisconsin has ever known. I think it was here where I caught the fever for the restaurant business.

I’ve worked in the restaurant business for over 9 years. I worked for an amazing group that not only focused on creativity, but also the “nuts and bolts” of any successful restaurant, which are: inventory control, cost of goods sold, and labor management. It’s been my dream for a long time to open my own restaurant, and now I have a great opportunity in an amazing location. I would appreciate any help I could get to fulfill my dream. Thank you very much!

Business Description

Camino will be a cafe located in Milwaukee’s historic Walker’s Point. Located near downtown, this area has become a hotbed for the urban diner recently. Most of the restaurants that have opened up here recently have been of the more expensive, small-plate variety. The area has a definite need for a more casual, laid-back cafe that one could get a great sandwich at an affordable price.

The location I have leased has been vacant for about 8 years. There is some work to be done, for sure, but it has tremendous character. The space has Cream City brick walls, beautiful hard wood flooring, and the kitchen is right behind the bar, so patrons can watch the chef griddle up their favorite sandwich.

The concept for Camino is something I describe as a beer-centric sandwich cafe. We’ll specialize in panini-style sandwiches, soups and salads, charcuterie and cheese, and one of the best American craft beer lists in the city of Milwaukee. With a laid-back, casual atmosphere, Camino will be a place where people feel comfortable coming to several times a week, drawing new business into the Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Camino will also be involved with the community. We will have a $0 room charge for any charitable group that would like to hold an event at Camino. I will also be making annual donations to WWBIC (my trustee), who helped make this dream possible. Annual fund drives for St.Judes hospital, MDA, and the Wisconsin Humane Society will be performed as well.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will be crucial to getting started. There are 2 projects the space needs before opening (kitchen flooring, bathroom remodel, and prep kitchen remodel) and this loan will help me finish those projects. Also, this will help me hire 2 extra employees in the beginning phases, and to get them acclimated to Camino before opening.

Here is the breakdown:
$2,500 for the floor in the kitchen/bar area
$3,500 for the bathroom remodel
$2,000 for the prep kitchen code remodel
$2,000 to hire two kitchen employees (2-week wages for each)

Contact Information:


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