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Aug 4, 2015 2:37 PM ET

Archived: Migrant Home: A series of creative documentaries about human migration

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2015

Migrant Home is a serie of creative documentaries about human migration mixing video and animation. Each one of them is five minutes long. Those videos are created around audio interviews of migrants of all social and ethnic backgrounds living in major cities across the globe.


The migrants are never shown on screen and the viewers aren’t aware of their origins nor where their home is in the world. Those informations are displayed little by little. It is a case of hiding in order to show better and raise the interrest. The persons interviewed are always being asked the same questions in order to highlight the differences and the similitudes. The only thing shown is the inside of their homes.

Here are a few exemples :





All the short documentaries work independently as individual portraits but together they question the concept of a possible contemporary ‘people of migrant’ if there is such a thing.


Having myself travelled a lot and worked in different countries I have encountered a lot of migrants, and sedentary people and have always been astonished by the misunderstandings among those different categories of people. This of course is as natural as it is shameful and I believe that the media plays a major part in it. It is not about talking more about those subjects but finding a new way to show and hear the migrants.

In a world, in permanent mutation and movement and even though we are being more and more informed, the reality of those migrants life is still very fantasised. It seems that if travelling as become so much easier the trips towards others is still as hard to make. That is what I am proposing here : a meeting, a shared moment. To be welcome in those people’s homes and intimacies shall question the hospitality concept itself.

In those short documentaries, people’s homes are talking to us through all the little insignificant details of everyday life : a forgotten toy, a photography, books, cooking ingredients…

Those videos will be enriched with rotoscopie, 2D animation and stop motion. Here are a few exemples of our work at nojo’s :



What are the funds for?

My aim is to create a vibrant pilote for this project and I am raising funds in order to pay for the travel expenses as well as the cameraman and animator(s) salaries. 



About the project owner

Always a big believer in the educational value of travels, I have lived and worked in 4 different countries and 3 continents. I then studied architecture in Paris and lived in London where I had the opportunity to work as an art director on a feature film befor passing a Master in Multimedia studies.

Three years ago J. Therin and myself funded a creation and teaching company in Strasbourg named nojo. This company is a great experimental space for animation as we have made more than a 100 animation short movies using all sort of technics (2D, 3D, rotoscopie, stop motion, paper cut…) with kids and adults. 

Our website : http://nojo-and-co.com/fr/
Our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/nojoandco?ref=hl
Our vimeo page : https://vimeo.com/nojo


Contact Information:

Noémie Flecher

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