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Aug 2, 2015 4:36 PM ET

Archived: Steel Blossoms – Year Number One: YOU have made ‘Year Number One’ magical. We’d love to share the whole story w/ you

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 2, 2015

Steel Blossoms –  Year Number One

We are beyond excited to start our new album. As we sat down to talk about what we wanted this album to do, we agreed on everything (as we usually do), but the one thing we DEFINITELY agreed on was that we want YOU to be involved. We have worked really hard to gain personal relationships with our fans and keep you involved with what we are doing and this is why we chose PledgeMusic.

PledgeMusic is an amazing way for you to stay on this journey with us and get exclusive behind the scenes footage of this album. Through this preorder campaign, we will be able to give you an ALL ACCESS PASS which includes who we are working with, videos of us in the studio, what songs we are choosing, the stories behind our songs, the process that it takes to make an album, and (most importantly) a digital download of our album once it is finished. In addition to those things, we are also offering things that are near and dear to our heart to give to you once you decide if and how much you would like to pledge (each pledge includes the all AccessPass with the digital download). We want this album to represent the experiences we have had in our first year in Nashville. We talked about titling this album “Year Number One” to really get the full effect. We have had major up’s and down’s during our first year playing music full time and we truly believe that our songwriting has been affected (in a good way!) by that. YOU are the only reason we have felt confident enough to step out of our comfort zone in songwriting and YOU have made it possible for us to live out our dreams. With that being said, if pledging a dollar amount is on your heart, this is how we are raising the money for this new album. Unfortunately we can’t begin recording this album until we have reached our goal here. Because of that, if you decide to pledge, you will get the entire story. You will be able to see us meeting with our producer, recording our songs “raw,” choosing songs, getting professional photos, choosing artwork and the entire creative process that goes into making an album. If pledging a dollar amount is not right for you, we are still beyond appreciative of your support and ask that you would please share our project with your loved ones. Thank you for sticking with us through year number one. We truly love all of you.

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Steel Blossoms

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