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Jul 30, 2015 5:32 PM ET

Make “Christmas with the Pickles” affordable for everyone!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2015

Make “Christmas with the Pickles” affordable for everyone!



A beautifully illustrated story that brings children aged 1 to 100 back to the heart of why we celebrate Christmas. 

Why do I receive a present on Christmas Day when it’s not my birthday? Why do we go to church on Christmas Day? Why do we share a special meal with our family on this special day? Is Christmas all about presents, jingles and merry-making? Or is there something deeper, more magical to this timeless and beloved season that is waiting to be discovered?

This intricately illustrated and beautifully written story of three elf children will bring you back to the heart of this truly special and cherished season of Christmas. A fully coloured 80-page story is not only presented in 5 short chapters to intrigue the young mind and the old soul in the days leading up to Christmas Day; there are also messages and tips for parents and teachers to help children live out the values that are imparted in this book.

Share the gift of this special message with the world today! 

Contact Information:

Melissa Joan Dragon

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