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Jul 30, 2015 4:08 PM ET

Archived: Healthy Eating, LLC: provides fresh, lean, and affordable packaged meals to customers who want to watch their diets and their wallets, all prepared by a trained chef.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2015
Personal Story

I first got interested in the culinary profession watching my grandparents cook in Oberlin, Ohio, where I grew up. I loved how foods could be paired together, the smell of herbs and seasonings, and learning new cooking methods. My grandparents would sometimes let me help and eventually I was cooking meals for the entire family. I just loved seeing their reactions to my food.

My last two years of high school I attended one of the top vocational schools in the country (Lorain County JVS). During my junior year I was placed on a competitive cooking team. We were trained by the best and as a result our team placed third in the state. Later, I attended Sullivan University in Louisville, KY to focus on culinary arts.

I started Healthy Eating, LLC a few years ago by making a few healthy meals for clients every week while continuing to go to my day job. As the word spread, so did my business. I started advertising, dong free demos at gyms, getting in contact with trainers, and in a matter of 6 months my business grew tremendously.

Business Description

I operate a storefront in a busy downtown office building, but the majority of my business is on the meal prep side. Clients can go to my website and place weekly orders for meals like jerk chicken, sauteed tilapia, baked cod, and lime-marinated chicken breast. My meals are very lean, fresh, and clean. They give you energy and keep your diet intact while being affordable.

Apart from the meal prep I have the restaurant for customers to come in to order a single healthy meal for lunch or dinner. Right now the meal prep is done in the restaurant kitchen but I am quickly outgrowing the space. I need space in a private kitchen devoted solely to meal preparation. Healthy Eating, LLC is extremely blessed to have found a following in Louisville and to receive so much support from the community.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will help Healthy Eating, LLC move its meal prep services to a private kitchen in a separate larger location. With increased marketing, I expect to see a rise in customers and need to be ready to serve them. With a second location I could triple my daily output.

The loan will cover six months rent in a commercial kitchen that costs $600/month. The additional money will be used for the purchase of equipment, including two stoves ($250), three large prep tables ($375), three refrigerators ($300), two storage racks ($200), and new pots and pans ($100).

Contact Information:


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