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Archived: Taking crowdfunding to a new level: Sharing funds by 50/50

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Taking crowdfunding to a whole new level: Sharing funds by 50/50

The 50/50 Life Changer Fund aims to raise 1,1 million Euros and to distribute half of the funds amongst other crowdfunders.

(Press Release) Tuesday, 28th July 2015: Julia Reuter calls on worldwide crowdfunders to submit their campaigns in order to share her funds with them by 50/50. She provides the work hours and rewards/perks, and asks for support and team work in spreading the word about her campaign worldwide in return.

In her funding campaign intro paragraph she says: What is my campaign about? Funding through the crowd and SHARING! I will simultaneously fulfill my dream and the dreams/needs of many others! Together, we will raise EUR 1,1 Million or more. Why EUR 1.100.000? To raise EUR 500,000 for my project and to donate EUR 500,000 to great people and their crowdfunders!

Campaigns benefited can be of all sorts and kinds as long as people are honest and open about their objectives and their funders are still able to receive funds when payout takes place.

Julia Reuter, an almost 52 years old German freelance IT professional and Systemic Life Coach, aims at relocating her life from urban Munich, Germany, to rural Ireland and move to the self-sustaining eco village of Cloughjordan for a complete change of lifestyle. This complete shift starts with her campaign. She does not only raise for herself but for many more. She does not ask for donations but offers attractive perks/rewards such as self-designed certified fair trade and 100% organic cotton t-shirts, her own photography and graphic art, Systemic Coaching and Reiki Usui sessions and classes.

„As an Introvert I am known for my creative ideas and my ability to work extremely long and focussed hours. At the same time I do not have a huge Facebook network nor 100,000 Twitter followers“ Julia states, „so, I cannot create the needed social media buzz alone. So, I count on people to understand my objective and their benefit, and that they will share the great news and my campaign around the world. I am so passionate about it and cannot wait to share the funds with many people and I am very happy to work hard to achieve the goal“..

About Julia Reuter:

Having spent over 21 years in IT, Web and Social Media related industries; Julia is a renowned Thinker and Trainer. With 10 years of Technical IT Training, 13 years of Systemic Coaching as well as a background in sales and marketing, she has successfully helped countless businesses and individuals make the most out of their lives. With an extremely creative mindset and a highly motivating personality, she is famous for finding and executing the right set of strategies for businesses while training individuals to support them.

Contact Information:

Julia Reuter - juliacreuter@gmail.com - Phone: +49-89-32658858 - Mobile: +49-1578-7016009

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