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Jul 29, 2015 8:51 AM ET

Archived: Social Stock Exchange: SSX is the world’s first live public capital market exclusively for profit with purpose for all

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

Social Stock Exchange




SSX is the world’s first live public capital market exclusively for profit with purpose for all.

The Social Stock Exchange (SSX) is the world’s first live public capital market exclusively for profit with purpose for all. Our mission is to stimulate a vibrant regulated public social investment market so that impact businesses of all sizes have greater access to capital and impact investors, both retail and institutional, can identify, transact and realise their environmental, social and financial goals. SSX changes the game by enabling ordinary people (individual retail investors) to make a different choice as to how they want to invest, and by solving the current problem for the impact private equity industry wanting to achieve an exit with aligned investors to secure purpose.


    Products & Services

    SSX will earn a mix of revenues from its service lines:
    1. Annual memberships for Issuer members to be certified as a Social Impact Business, SSX will promote visibility and profile of its social impact members
    2. Revenue share arrangement with ISDX for members quoted on the SSX branded segment of the ISDX markets
    3. Management of retail distribution process through intermediaries for member companies raising public capital generating success fees as a percentage on the amount of capital raised
    4. Social corporate adviser memberships enabling advisers to participate in the SSX market and access issuers as prospects
    5. Media revenues through sponsorship of impact investing themed events

    Problem Solved

    Challenges facing society are too large and complex for government and the social sector alone. 2008 crash highlighted need for finance sector to help build a healthy society. Impact brings the 3rd dimension to Risk & Return, and there need not be a trade-off between financial and social return. Investment can be more effective than donations to provide sustainable change. There is widespread investor interest and substantial money flows looking for exposure but as yet few clearly identifiable impact opportunities. With our established impact reporting process, investors will be able to identify and evaluate potential impact investments facilitating the flow of capital to impact enterprises.

    Revenue Model

    Issuer Member Fees – Recurring annual revenue from social impact enterprises for review and endorsement of Impact.
    SSX provides visibility, profile and generates trading activity in the securities of members
    ISDX Revenue Share – From collaboration agreement for operating SSX market segment – Includes recurring annual listing fees for quoted securities, one-off admission fees and share of transaction fees
    Capital Raise Fees – %ge fee based on the amount of capital raised through the exchange, with a particular focus on supporting distribution through retail intermediaries
    Adviser Memberships – Across professions and Corp Finance, for them to participate in the market and access issuers

    Exit Strategy

    Once scale and track record has been established the likely exit strategy is through a public listing on our own SSX market segment.



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