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Jul 29, 2015 10:00 AM ET

Archived: RoadVision Technologies, Inc.: has developed and manufactures the Highway Beacon® snowplowable reflective pavement marker

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

RoadVision Technologies, Inc.

RoadVision has developed and manufactures the Highway Beacon® snowplowable reflective pavement marker. The company will market and supply state, local, federal and private transportation agencies with this vital patented highway safety product.

RoadVision is prepared to market launch the Highway Beacon® snowplowable reflective pavement marker. The product addresses the longest unsolved safety hazard on the nation’s and world’s roadways; wet night pavement visibility in regions that receive snow.

Painted lane lines become invisible to motorists during night rain. Only reflective raised pavement markers (RPMs) can be adequately seen to provide visual guidance in such conditions. However, anything raised is destroyed by snowplows. The Highway Beacon’s® raised reflector depresses on impact from vehicle tires or snowplows into the pavement then springs back into position.

This revolutionary patented design results in the only fully functional all-climate reflective lane delineation system in the world. The combination of wet/night visibility, durability, snowplow compatibility and ease of maintenance has never before been achieved by any RPM.

The product is manufactured through a network of top tier U.S. suppliers . Gross and net profit margins will be exceptional. Future products will include internally illuminated units for fog and other high hazard locations and airports.

The market for the Highway Beacon® is vast. The product will be marketed worldwide and is patented in Canada and patent pending in the U.S. The U.S. total market is over $9 Billion.

Significant market traction has been achieved. The marker has been approved for installation by multiple agencies.

The company will market the product directly to highway agencies in the U.S. and internationally. However, the primary means of sales will be through well established regional distributors and independent agents/firms who sell highway safety products.

There is no viable competition in snow climates. Previous products all have major performance, durability and maintenance deficiencies. Millions were installed in order to address this prevalent hazard, but are now largely discontinued due to the deficiencies.


Products / Services

Highway Beacon®

On impact from any direction, the Highway Beacon’s® heat-treated steel piston with the attached reflective lens assembly is depressed below the pavement surface. This permits thorough snow plowing without blade skipping or marker damage.

After impact, the assembly quickly springs back into visible position above the road surface. This shock absorption capability, combined with the Highway Beacon’s® sturdy construction and easy in-service maintenance feature, results in a proprietary, cost-effective, long-lasting lane delineation system.

Prior/competitive snow-plowable markers have a lens height of less than 0.2 inch above the road surface (half the 0.4 inch height required by the Federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) , with most 0.1 inch or less, to minimize snowplow and lens damage.

The Highway Beacon® reflector lens protrudes 0.5 inch above the road surface. This results in dramatically increased driver visibility much further down the roadway.

Contact Information:

Dean Paulos

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