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Jul 28, 2015 12:12 PM ET

Archived: THE LOTUS: A gang of money launderers, a hostile takeover of the business, the Feds are looking for a missing girl

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015



I grew up loving film like it was the final fontier of art. I decided at 14 that I was going to write, direct, and act in my own films. Movies like Goodfellas, Return of the Jedi, Repo Man, and Drugstore Cowboy were part of my DNA when I was a kid. I started interning with my local PBS station as a teenager and somehow found myself producing short segments for a variety show at the age of 19. I managed to even produce a very personal short documentary on the state of our youth at that time. I broke away after that and knew I needed to make a narrative, my true passion. So I did, an experimental 40 min. darkly humourous Sci-Fi philoshpical comedy named Grappling with my Green Cube. It got very little play nation wide but the people that did see always remembered it. After that I went to Full Sail to study film, hands on. I excelled, got a short script produced, and did well as 1st Ad. All the while I was casing the film game in every aspect from dealing with all types of different personalities to what makes a production work and what can break it. Then I did some AD work in Florida and NY. I eventually felt I had to get back to writing, directing, and acting. Because that was always my ultimate goal. So I came back to Texas. Right about the same time I was creating a tax ID number for my production company a very close friend of mine from film school overdosed and died in West Virginia. Me being the cool ambitious kid with all these big goals, with tons of friends, with everything going for me was shattered hearing this news. I had to re-evalute everything, I tried to be very stoic and keep going like always but I just couldn’t. I had to take a moment to gather myself. So I shut down shop in Austin and went home to Houston. Where I got myself together, making money at oil refineries, a job I never expected to do but paid very well. And ultimatley could financially pave the way for my first feature film. I was doing ok even producing a great short in the mean time. (vimeo.com/francogalvan/looking-out-the-right-side-window) Everything was coming together again, then my Mom got sick. She went blind in less than a year and a half due to acute neo vascular glocoma. She had unchecked high blood pressure for years and was also diabetic. I become her primary care taker, and eventually organized a small medical team to help her. It was hard, extremely hard. My Dad eventually came through to help me out, even though they weren’t together. So after 5 years blind and 3 years on weekly dialysis she died. My Dad was so distraught he had a heart attack and died 3 and a half months later. After that I had nothing to lose, so I sold the house and started to do what I wanted to do all along make a feature. I mean fuck it, when you get to that point the tide can be so overwhelming you can easily be washed away by it. So I did the only thing I truly know I can do well, I just went back to being me. That’s why I’m making this film, that’s my story. 




THE LOTUS is a modern day film noir. Theodore Dubai is an ambitious money launderer, waiting for his shot to take over the industry and so are his close asscociates. Dubai manifests a plan to fabricate a scenario of a missing woman, Emerson. Part of his clique. All the while leading the Feds to turn their focus to current head of the money laundering industry, Ametia Lowens. As all this is taking place 6.2 million dollars in bearer bonds goes missing from a safe in Singapore. Confused, yet diligent, Special Agents Dupont and Upscale have been assigned to the case by the NSA. With Special Agent Marlon Mire in charge. But what we discover is that Agent Mire knows Dubai. They are close friends, yet pitted against each other on opposite sides of the law. Mastermind Dubai must make use of this relationship if he wants to succeed, and play the chess pieces just right. Then there’s other parties that smell a piece of the pie and want in, like Agent Leo Siciliano who’s been working closely with Mire and slowly uncovers that the 6.2 million is in bearer bonds and rolling around in the exotic english sports car the Lotus Evora somewhere. This leads Dubai to have to up the ante and examine every single chess piece on the board and channel the spirit of criminal minded Bobby Fischer. The only conclusion being there’s one too many chess pieces on the board, therefore someone has to be eliminated for the game to make sense.


We are planning to show it anywhere we can. Entering in festivals like Santa Barbra International, Houston World Fest (Where we have a connection to the founder through one of our Producers), Austin Film Fest, etc. Also very interested in V.O.D. Also planning screening parties in L.A., Houston, Austin, Orlando, NY, New Orelans, and Atlanta etc. We have connects in different places around the world, so we’re definitely taking it global. Cities like Paris, Tokyo, Rome, and Taipei we have connections in and all other cities mentioned above. It’s at least enough of an idea to get the ball rolling. We plan to crowd fund for that as well. 

Contact Information:

Franco Galvan

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