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Jul 28, 2015 5:10 PM ET

Archived: Phobic: The movie focuses on a homicide detective who experiences a traumatic event and is let back on the police force months later

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After writing and directing the dramatic comedy, Ben Banks (AKA Beauty and the Least) starring Mischa Barton, I turned my attention on my next project. I’d written a script called Phobic 16 years ago when I lived in the Boston area. I pulled that out of my desk drawer and got to work rewriting it. Over 50 drafts later I felt confident to try and raise money and direct my 2nd feature. 

I’ve been able to raise enough money to make this movie (low six figures). It will be very low budget compared to Hollywood features, but in today’s world of independent cinema, having any financial backing is becoming increasingly rare. We are very fortunate. 

This movie is in the tradition of Hitchcock and is a thriller with a twist at the end which sets up the potential for multiple sequels. The movie focuses on a homicide detective, Riley Sanders, who experiences a traumatic event and is let back on the police force months later. Riley begins to see similarities between herself and the victims of a killer who is murdering clinical phobics by exposing them to their fears. Riley has to figure out who the killer is and if she is somehow involved. Where it goes from there is pretty cool… the movie is not what it appears to be.

We are going to shoot the movie this Fall in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. 

I’ve been able to assemble a great team so far:

Jason Hatfield, Producer
Jason recently produced Jared Hess’s (the director of Napoleon Dynamite) latest movie Don Verdean. He’s worked on multiple films and is very experienced. He knows the Salt Lake film scene inside and out. 

Jason deVillers, Producer and Editor 
Jason is the co-creator of The Aquabats Supershow and edited Ben Banks. Jason is also the co-author of a book with Richard Grant Bennett and I entitled, Secret Santa, which comes out later this year. Jason is an experienced director, having helmed multiple episodes of The Aquabats Supershow and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Justin Lyon, Producer
Justin produced the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba and was the producer of Ben Banks. He knows a lot of people and can usually get things done with a phone call. He is also the head of marketing and branding for LuLaRoe.

Me, Bryce Clark – Producer, Writer, Director
I wrote and directed Ben Banks. I wrote the young reader books Red Shirt Kids and Secret Santa and have written for TV. 

Check out Phobic’s profile on IMDB.

Phobic will be made, it is already happening. This campaign’s goal is to increase our ability to make the best movie possible. We know how to produce movies on a budget and this feature will look like it cost far more than what we’ll spend. This additional funding will allow us to add a few important touches and finish the movie at a high level in post production.

We have some very cool rewards set up for those who contribute. As we add cast and crew we will be updating the rewards, so stay tuned!

We would love to have your support and would greatly appreciate you sharing this campaign via social media.

I am so excited to bring this story to the world!

Best regards,

Bryce Clark


Contact Information:

Bryce Clark

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