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Jul 28, 2015 2:51 PM ET

Archived: Cornerstone Counseling Education Campaign: Help Cornerstone Educate the Future Generation of Counselors, Mediators, and Family Interventionsts

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

Cornerstone Counseling Education Campaign

Help is Just a Heartbeat Away

Have you ever struggled to make sense of the world around you? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your life circumstances? Have you ever felt lost and alone despite the people who surround you or the relationships you’ve built?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all wondered where to go to seek the help we need or to seek the advice we are looking for when we can’t turn to our family, friends, or our local masjid. And that is precisely where Cornerstone comes in.

Cornerstone was born to answer a question: “How do we create strong Muslim families and strengthen relationships in our communities?” We began asking this question after being bombarded by the statistics: half of all Muslim marriages end in divorce, Muslim youth have a high incidence of alcohol and marijuana abuse, Muslim families are falling apart due to a lack of support. Through years of research, writing, and counseling, we witnessed the crumbling of relationships in the family and among our youth. This was clearly a cry for help.

Answering the Cry

Cornerstone was created to fight those startling statistics and to build a new paradigm that helps individuals struggling to resolve relationship roadblocks. We are dedicated to strengthening youth identity, marriage, and family life. We engage and actively combat the stigmas that surround counseling in the Muslim community through education and outreach initiatives.

Cornerstone offers faith-based relational communication counseling for couples, children, youth and families along with premarital counseling, marriage facilitation, and education initiatives. This campaign is intended to raise funds to educate and certify our counselors to meet the growing needs of our community.


Why We Matter 

Our Community is desperately in need of relational and communication counseling to help create more spiritually and emotionally healthy marriages, youth, and families. Preventative measures through education and premarital counseling are the best ways to create strong families from the very start. Guidance in strengthening identity through mentoring and understanding teens can help keep our youth grounded and firm on the right path through the grace of Allah (swt). Be a part of this initiative by donating today to grow Cornerstone’s services!

Check out our sites below for more information:




The Campaign

Currently Cornerstone has only one Communication Counselor who sees all clients and provides all education programs. The Communication Counselor also runs the 24 hour hotline that has consistently been growing. Communities around the world have been interested in replicating the concept of Cornerstone’s relational faith-based communication counseling.

But, we can’t do it alone! We need your help to grow Cornerstone to offer more and more services to those in need. In order to create an in-house program, Cornerstone would like to sponsor the education of a Marriage and Family Intervention Specialist, a Certified Mediator, and a Certified Family Counselor. 

Your funds will go a long way in helping to educate three specialists and to cover the costs of Cornerstone staff training in faith-based relational communication counseling. Upon completion of education and training, our counselors and staff will serve the organization and will help us grow our services to offer Cornerstone in communities around the globe insha’Allah. 

How You Can Help 

Please support this campaign with any donations that you can give and please share it widely with your friends, families, and social networks. Let’s facilitate the help that our community needs through Cornerstone.

Every day families are struggling to reach that level of tranquility and serenity that Islam guides us towards in our marriages and our families. From struggling youth to struggling marriages, Cornerstone offers a viable path towards seeking mental health resources which are often stigmatized in our society. By meeting with a Communication Counselor and achieving a comfort level in a faith-based paradigm, our clients are encouraged to supplement their Cornerstone care through working with mental health professionals through our referral network and in conjunction with our continued relational counseling.

Watch below for more information about the marriage crisis and youth identity crisis in our communities today and to better understand why we need Cornerstone:



Contact Information:

Suzy Ismail

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