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Jul 28, 2015 4:17 PM ET

Core-ography – A Global Dance Storytelling Project

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

Core-ography – A Global Dance Storytelling Project



What is Core-ography?
We’ve all been through times when immense growth and significant challenge seem to go hand-in-hand. Commonly, we look back at these experiences as positive building blocks in our lives. But did you feel you had to keep private and deal with things all on your own? Did you worry how people would judge you if you admitted that you were less than happy and content all the time?

My new project, Core-ography, tackles these questions through dance. I’ll travel the globe to tell dancer’s defining stories and promote the idea that it can be positive to share life’s most revelatory moments. Since I am a choreographer, I naturally want to execute this project on dancers. What I find special about using these artists is that the public often views them as superhuman. And while dancers do work day-in and day-out to execute near-impossible feats, they are just as human as any other person walking down the street. I love the idea of bringing dancers down to their most human qualities and using them to inspire people to share in freedom of expression.

My initial goal for Core-ography is to travel the globe to 12 cities and spend one week working with each of our Core-Artists. Dancers from companies including English National Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet Israel, Pennsylvania Ballet, Washington Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, and more are already prepared to work on this project. (Scroll down to see a list of some of our Core-Artists)

Each week of this project begins with an interview that seeks to pull profound character-building experiences out of our artists. Next, we select one Core-building aspect of our conversation and begin creating choreography from that theme. We will spend a few hours in the studio each day and finish the week with a filming session of the final product. Once complete, I will edit footage of the interview, rehearsal process, and final product together into a video that will be uploaded for a worldwide audience onto our Youtube channel. I plan to release one artist’s story every few weeks.

Why should you donate to Core-ography?
In order to make this unique project a reality, we are seeking funds from multiple sources; including individual donors, corporations, and grants. We have already raised over $10,000 in our first few months of fundraising. This includes obtaining 3 Core-Sponsors, an award of $2,000 as a recipient of the Caroline H. Newhouse Scholarship grant from Career Transitions for Dancers, and a handful of donations from individuals.

While we have already reached $10,000 of our $57,200 goal, we still need your help. We began fundraising and the grant application process back in May to show our Core-Audiencethat we are committed to making this project happen. By launching this RocketHub campaign, we are not asking for you to fully fund our passion project (though that would be a dream). What we are seeking is your help in supporting a project that will inspire an international audience to share in an experience of expression, art, dance, choreography, sharing, and positive mental health. And, best of all, any donation made through this campaign is tax-deductible.

What will your donations be used towards?
Our budget of $57,200 includes the cost of equipment, artist fees, travel and accommodations, facility rentals, salary, legal fees, and unexpected costs.

Equipment: Costs include Canon 70D DSLR camera with two lenses (24-50 2.8 L and a 70-200 2.8L), microphone, tripod, additional battery, and carrying case .

(The cost of computer, film editing software, and backup hard drive has been covered through a generous grant from Career Transitions for Dancers)

Artist Fees: Compensation for our 12 Core-Artist‘s services.

(Covered by those in our Core-Sponsor donation category)

Travel & Accommodations: Cost of flights, trains, and buses to our 12 Core-Artists. Also includes on-site accommodations and facility rentals for rehearsals and filming.

(Covered by those in our Core-Sponsor donation category)

Salary: Compensation to Mr. Kerollis for his time working on Core-ography. Includes one week working with each of our 12 Core-Artists, one week of editing for each video, and three months of development.

Legal Fees: Covers the cost of developing and executing contracts. Also includes possible music rights acquisition.

Unexpected Costs: We feel it is important to have a cushion. This could include anything from cancelled/changed flights, a broken camera lens, or any additional costs that were not planned into a specific category in our budget.

Who are our Core-Artists? (subject to change)

Bridgett Zehr
– Freelance Artist (former Principal w/English National Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, & Houston Ballet)
Brooklyn Mack – Principal w/Washington Ballet (former Principal w/Orlando Ballet & dancer w/Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre Studio Company. Princess Grace Fellowship Winner. Medalist – Varna, Jackson, Helsinki, Boston, & Korean International Ballet Competitions)
Lauren Fadeley – Principal w/Pennsylvania Ballet & Capezio Brand Athlete (former New York City Ballet, Indiana University, Academy Award-winning film Black Swan)
Andrew Brader
– Complexions Contemporary Ballet (former Houston Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, Ballet Met, Die Theater Chemnitz)
Maria Chapman – Principal w/Pacific Northwest Ballet & MPG Sportswear Messenger
John Lam – Principal w/Boston Ballet (Princess Grace Fellowship Winner)
Kiara Felder
Atlanta Ballet
Cervilio Amador
– Principal w/Cincinnati Ballet (former National Ballet of Cuba)
Shira Lanyi – Freelance Artist (former Principal w/Ballet Israel & Richmond Ballet)
Allen Joseph Freelance Artist (Glee – TV series, Festival Ballet Theatre, Cupcake Canne)
Kara Zimmerman – Joffrey Ballet (former Senior Soloist w/Cincinnati Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet)

(One more artist will be announced at a future date)

What are my qualifications?
I can easily sum up my qualifications by sending you to my website,http://http// Instead of telling you about my background directing Alaska Dance Theatre, choreographing for the National Choreographers Initiative, dancing with Pacific Northwest Ballet, and much more, I’d prefer to share the knowledge and experience I have to make this project happen. Please read on to see the key qualifications I will tap into in order to make this seed of a project become a world-class campaign.

Choreography: I am what you would consider an “up-and-coming” choreographer. I have received recognition from the National Choreographers Initiative, Visions Choreographic Competition, and Youth America Grand Prix. Beyond this, I have choreographed for many companies, festivals, and workshops. I have also been brought in as a guest instructor at Peridance Capezio Center and Koresh Dance Company’s school to teach my unique movement style and share my choreography with professionals and students alike.

Film: Transparency is an important part of my personality. This area is where I have the least experience. When I lack specific knowledge, I reach out to my vast network of insanely talented friends. I am lucky to have a friend who works as a dance videographer acting as a mentor. They have been offering me hints and advice as I prepare to embark on this journey. It has been helpful to receive tips on important aspects of filming like purchasing appropriate equipment to turn out the highest quality product, techniques to conduct an arresting interview, and many other tidbits about producing stellar videos in dance.

Social Media: Let’s be honest, this is a first-of-its-kind social media project. My social media skills first started blossoming back in 2004 when I started blogging on Myspace. Over the years, I have worked and played on many of the most popular social media platforms. Back in 2012, I started a blog, Life of a Freelance Dancer (, where I have posted nearly 150 writings on topics ranging from working as a nationally-touring artist to dealing with the challenges of a dance career, and even including tools to help guide any independent contractor through a freelance career. My blog has garnered nearly 100,000 views internationally. Beyond this, I was named to a list of “49 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art” ( ) by the wildly popular Boost Blog Traffic. I currently use Youtube as the biggest promoter of my choreography and dancing.

Thank you for reading about Core-ography and for your support!

Any contribution to our project is greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

Core-ography is a fiscally sponsored project by New York Live Arts

Contact Information:

Barry Kerollis

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