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Jul 28, 2015 8:45 AM ET

Archived: Clever Kebab gives you the coolest way to offer your guests a variety of perfectly prepared kebabs in the shortest amount of time.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

Clever kebab

Spanning a multitude of cultures, backgrounds and generations, we share an inherent love for Kebabs. They’re a delicious and satisfying treat for your taste buds. And while creating new combinations with a variety of meats and fresh, in-season vegetables make kebabs interesting, it is a hassle to make perfect kebabs. Preparing kebabs is a messy and time consuming job. Until now. Clever kebab takes the hassle out of creating scrumptious kebabs with prep in just minutes, without the mess! What’s more, the kebabs will look so perfect that from the first use, any barbecue party is going to be an unforgettable success.

Clever Kebab tool is so easy to use, anyone can do it. Simply layer your ingredients inside the Clever Kebab, insert the skewers, slice, and voila. Everyone can choose their favourite combination of ingredients and put them together to create perfectly cubed treats in no time. For example, just slice the rind from a watermelon to size using the base as the guide and one has perfect fruit cubes ready to be eaten up.

The magic of kebabs is not limited to barbecues. The best desserts can
come from a kebab of layered fruits and cake. Treating your guests is so much
easier and exciting now that you have dessert kebabs on the table.

Dessert kebabs

Fresh baked croutons make the perfect addition to soup or salad. You can
season your fresh crouton to pair perfectly with any dish. With Clever Kebab you’re just
minutes away from healthy, home made, precisely cubed food that will impress even the pickiest guest.

The inventor of Clever Kebab, Ivelin Demirov has relentlessly researched and developed the design and functionality since the inception of the product, meticulously honing every detail to take the Clever Kebab from a concept to the reality that you see now. It is no wonder that the response to and demand for the end product has been overwhelming in its unbelievably quick sellout rate. As Steve Totte puts it, “Wow! I am amazed by the quality of your campaigns and products.”

Besides being a pro-quality kebab chef, Clever Kebab can be used as a cutting board, strainer, juicer, food slicer and stencil. And finally, for the first 100 supporters, Clever Kebab is available at a special price that is undoubtedly a winning best deal.

Contact Information:

Ivelin Demirov
866 480-6555

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