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Jul 27, 2015 12:49 PM ET

Archived: Sailing Forward: to offer a new experience to people who probably thought they would never have the opportunity to go sailing by offering sail training

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2015

Sailing Forward

About the project

We will work with 15 people,all previously homeless men and women from the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects’ residential projects in Worthing.  We will prepare them for two days on the water and help them think about what they can get out of the trip. Onboard they will learn the basics of sailing, spend a night at anchor in the peace of a beautiful anchorage, learn basic skills like cooking, teamwork and organising themselves, all steps towards their next stage of recovery – supported independent living.
They will go home motivated, enthusiastic, confident and having slept well from the outdoor air and physical activities, ready to take their next steps. This isn’t just a sailing jolly, we use sail training as a tool to inspire and motivate people who have worked hard to get where they are at in their life journey. The recovery from addictions can be a long and lonely one as you struggle to deal with learning to live your life differently. Those who have been homeless have often lost all hope for the future. Your backing will help these vulnerable men and women have a new experience that would otherwise be out of their reach, in a structured approach that makes the most of the opportunities that can be gained. O
ur professional team of commercial skippers work closely with staff from Worthing Churches Homeless Projects, and we are all committed to this line of work.

We have completed two sailing trips with members of the Recovery Project based in Worthing. They had a huge impact on people from the group, and we want to offer these opportunities to more people. It really can help transform someone’s outlook on life.

Learning the ropes on a short Recovery Project sail we did this summer


“This trip is the best thing that’s happened to me for ages” – Gina


“I discovered things about myself that I never knew. I never thought I would have an opportunity like this and I now see how I can use this trip as part of my recovery programme” – Carly


“We all had to work together as a team, look out for each other, it was amazing! I want to help out with maintenance” – Mo


“We had to pick up a mooring buoy, and there was only one chance to do it, with a boathook, and it took hand-eye co-ordination and that was something I learnt that I could do” – John

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 Our sail training vessel Karic


Sail Boat Project is a RYA Training Centre, RYA Sailability organisation and registered as a Community Interest Company No. 6821730

info@sailboatproject.org * 07576 248348



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Contact Information:

Dhara Thompson

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