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Jul 25, 2015 2:30 PM ET

Archived: DIVERPEDIA: to create a web-site where in free access will be available all relevant information about scuba diving

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2015




About project
Diverpedia is a unique project. With Diverpedia everyone will have opportunity to tell about himself and his experience in scuba diving!
You can become the part of history! Tell the world about yourself!
First of all we would like to thank you for your attention and that you decided to learn more about our project.
 It is already several years passed since our team began to realize project is scuba diving sphere.
Our slogan is «Find your way in diving!». 

This idea appeared very spontaneously. There is already several years passed when our team started successful realization of different project in scuba diving sphere.  Mostly all members of our team are involved in scuba diving and with big pleasure practice it.
Once during one of our corporate meetings we were discussing details of the future project business plan. It`s appeared that it is difficult to find necessary information about diving ( for example worldwide statistics, descriptions and requirements for holding championships, marine protection etc.)
It took plenty of hours for us  to find  information about total quantity of scuba divers in the world or where are the best places for scuba diving on Boracay Island. For example we have asked scuba divers “Who are the most popular scuba divers in the world?” and they answered – “ I can name only myself =)
There are lots of sources where we could find small pieces of information about scuba diving but there is no such place where all necessary information could be found.
Exactly at that moment appeared this idea – we need to create an Encyclopedia about scuba diving. We named it Diverpedia!

What`s that?
We want to create a web-site where in free access will be available all relevant  information about scuba diving.

In Diverpedia will be following sections such as:

  • history of scuba diving;
  • lists of diving organizations and associations; 
  • types of scuba diving certification;
  • diving equipment; 
  • innovations in scuba diving; 
  • popular diving resorts; 
  • underwater art; 
  • relevant statistics; 
  • underwater sports; 
  • myths and legends about the inhabitants of the sea; 
  • underwater photo and video; 
  • scientific study of underwater inhabitants and hundreds other topics about diving 

Besides topics according in sections above we are also planning to place on our web site interactive map with targeted places for scuba diving, diving centers, oceanariums etc. Also we are planning to create video archive where experienced scuba divers will share with their students and beginners theirs video experience about scuba diving.
And it is only a small part of possible information that we are going to share with you on Diverpedia.
We expect that people will be interested to fill in sections of the site, share their knowledge and experience, upload your photos and videos. We will also post the results of years of our research.
We want people to know the famous divers, whose achievements to be proud of and to know places of legendary shipwrecks or the enchanting beauty of the underwater reefs. Our team is interested in transferring knowledge to future generations and beginners in diving.
Of course, we are also interested in benchmarking against international copyright and rewarding active users Diverpedia.
The main objective of the project – the creation of a common knowledge base about diving. And it will be accessible and free resource for everyone.  

Why do we need your support?
Did you try scuba diving? If yes – you will understand us. If not – be sure to try. Diving will open for you a new and wonderful world. 

Every 10th person in the world is an active scuba diver !!!
Diving – it’s a passion!   
Diving – a way of life!
Diving – this is what brings together people from different countries, different religions and nationalities!
And we hope to support divers and beyond.
Our team – a group of enthusiastic people who set a goal – to create Diverpedia! We want to make information about scuba diving accessible to everyone!

Is our project worthy of investment?
We believe that, yes. We need funds to develop and launch the site.
Project Budget:
$ 20 000 – Development of a unique design, specification of the site and its launch.
$ 5 000 – Rental servers and technical support site for 12 months.
$ 5 000 – Promotion in social networks and the Internet.
Our goals are transparent. And the results were not long in coming. After you by yourself could try to find right information on Diverpedia! 
After all, if you look, the costs of searching for information will greatly exceed your possible investments:

Diverpedia Team 
Right now we are starting to build our team for developing Diverpedia.

 We are looking for:

  • Content-manager
  • Editor
  • Specialist in the field of technical support and maintaining of web-site
  • Web- artist
  • Web-designer
  • Volunteers

If you want to help us we would be really glad! We will appreciate any possible help from you! 

Risks and challenges
This is our first Rockethub campaign. We are a real persons, available to help or answer questions, and good for our word. You can support this project in complete confidence, and we hope you will!

Contact Information:

Natalia Zlobina

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