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Jul 24, 2015 7:35 AM ET

Archived: Tiny Texas Houses llc: Houses built to be portable, all wood, no toxins, plastics, vinyl, sheetrock, carpet, formaldehyde, fibre glass

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2015

Tiny Texas Houses llc

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Tiny Texas Houses has successfully pioneered 95% Pure Salvage Building and created houses that have sold for over $165,000 in spite of their Tiny Texas House size of less than 350 taxable square feet of living space. My houses have shipped from Texas to the Badlands of North Dakota, and other states besides all over Texas. The next step is building an entire town from 95% Pure Salvage and no imports. The process, once started with a bit more capital invested, will soon fund it self through using the houses that we build for staying overnight, income streams from seminars and retreats to teach this ideology, as well as detox and healthy get aways from the city. We will have a chapel for weddings, buildings for events, car rallies, bike rallies, and other draws that will be possible with the opening of the market in the middle of the 43 acres I am developing for this model. Once built, it will provide a venue for music events, organic and American based market for all things old, organic, and made from salvage.
We have an audio and video recording studio to develop the publishing side of the business, a restaurant to service the events with concessions, houses already in place, materials in stock to build 75-100 more houses and the full market place in stock and paid for, and the land already set up with utilities, sewer, city water, but not the limitations of having been annexed on the bulk of the property I want to develop.
We have a relatively bureaucracy free environment to work in, being an unincorporated town we could still become incorporated, thus also be able to collect taxes, have a police force, and use the power of variances to create models no one else can to show that Tiny House villages and towns are viable solutions to the coming transition of millions into retirement without the style of living they have become accustomed to. I have the materials in place to build it all. The next step it to teach others how and why to do it too.

Products / Services

Tiny Texas Houses

Houses built to be portable, all wood, no toxins, plastics, vinyl, sheetrock, carpet, formaldehyde, fibre glass, etc. Now focusing on building them for town of Salvage, Texas that I am creating on 43 acres that fronts IH 10, in the heart of central Texas. Here we will easily rent them out overnight, earn income off from tours, seminars, and renting the houses out for events, retreats, and concerts we will be able to facilitate at the market portion of the property.
The plans for the houses we have already produced, the videos on how to do the Salvage Building, Salvage Mining, and then selling the seminars on DVD, books, and other merchandising that will help fund further growth of the name brand and the market we are calling Salvagefaire.

Contact Information:

Michelle Ashley

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