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Jul 24, 2015 7:36 PM ET

Archived: Heart Gardens Radio: A radio show made specifically for Christian women who are nurturing non-traditional (blended) families

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2015

HEART GARDENS RADIO: Nurturing Non-Traditional Families 

 Women nurturing blended families need a common language, a way to name their particular challenges

 Heart Gardens Radio is the next step in creating a movement in Christianity to nurture women who are, in turn, nurturing blended families.

 Almost half of American families qualify as “non-traditional”. There is a startling gap between the need of women who are parenting in these situations and the Christian resources available. Women in non-traditional families need each other! They need to know they are not alone. The Christian experience is often (unintentionally) packaged as a way of life for perfect, tidy families with both biological mother and father living within the home. While this is ideal, it is not real to almost half of all American mothers.

 Since the onslaught of the curse, women have been facing monumental struggles within their own homes. The Bible is full of women (Hannah, Leah and Abigail come to mind!) who flourished in less-than-ideal families. Modern women need to know they can do more than just survive in a blended family. They need to know that their faith can be a catalyst to awesome, Spirit-inspired events right in the middle of their “less-than-ideal” circumstances. 

Heart Gardens creates a COMMON LANGUAGE, COMMON IDENTITY, and NAMES THE CHALLENGES of Christian women in blended families. 

These creations give women a way in which to grow, together, in their particular circumstances and advocate for themselves to the outside world.  The Heart Gardens Reach Statistics gathered by the Pew Research Center tell us that over 95.5 million Americans are trying to establish relationships within a blended family. Heart Gardens aim is to nurture the Christian women within these families who are, in turn, nurturing the ones entrusted to them. Heart Gardens is a place of safety and trust built upon the precepts of grace and unconditional regard. 

 Sponsors that reflect the Essentials, Tools, Skills and Resources found on HeartGardens.org will be asked to advertise with us. If a company or product does not reflect a nurturing, growth-filled lifestyle it will not be asked to advertise. This “operational integrity” ensures that we continue to nurture our families in marketing as well as show content. Our audience will see this integrity and trust those who advertise with us. They will share the resources with their friends and family through social media and word-of-mouth. In this way a win-win is created.

 Families win because they gather information and resources which will help their families and sponsors win with increased business

Visit HeartGardens.org. and browse the Essentials, Tools & Skills of a Heart Gardener!


$6,000 Production Costs ($1,000 x 6 months)

$550 LLC incorporation & Small Business Licensures

$2700 Payroll Tax, Kickstart Fees & Incentives

$450 Image Marketing & Mass Mailing

Risks & Challenges:

The biggest potential risk is not gaining sponsorship during the first six months of Heart Gardens Radio and therefore not being able to continue the show for more than six months.

A marketing proposal has already been completed and submitted to a number of small businesses which reflect the Heart Gardens premise. Several are already considering potential sponsorship.

These already-established relationships coupled with the marketing campaign to be launched immediately after the Kickstart will (prayerfully!) gain an abundance of sponsorship!

Because of my community involvement and submersion within the family services and counseling communities, I already have an awesome line up of guests who have stated a willingness to be interviewed and talk about the ways we as stepmoms can nurture ourselves and the ones entrusted to us.

Please Read the “About” Section of this Kickstart Campaign for more detailed information on my education and experience.

Contact Information:

Andrea Peters

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