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Jul 21, 2015 3:33 PM ET

Archived: Karisma Kidz: A multi-award-winning learning platform developing emotional intelligence in a super-empowering way!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015

Karisma Kidz



A multi-award-winning learning platform developing emotional intelligence in a super-empowering way!

Karisma Kidz is a mobile platform that develops emotional, social and entrepreneurial skills in children aged 3-8, through play. Our Parents’ Dashboard enables parents to task, track and reward positive ‘real world’ behaviour, connect with other parents, and find solutions to challenges they face. While tablet manufacturers distribute our app to their customers to demonstrate that children’s wellbeing lies at the heart of their business strategy. The brand is loved by children, parents and industry alike – championed in the media as the next big thing to shake up the children’s entertainment industry!


    Products & Services

    Karisma Kidz is a minimum viable product (MVP), launched in beta in February 2014. The MVP has been distributed to c. 2M family tablets achieved 70,000+ downloads and has won more than 16 awards and accolades including admission into BBC Labs to secure a commercial partnership with BBC Worldwide, 2 people’s choice awards (SMARTA 100 and Tech City News), and has secured £100,000 in match funding (Big Venture Challenge) to supplement this round of growth invest- ment. Investment will enable the production of the full product and growth to 1 million users, profitability, and expansion into internation- al territories via global education publishers and media providers.

    Problem Solved

    At Karisma Kidz we address a two-sided problem. On one hand, all parents want happy, well-behaved and successful children. But the reality is that pre-teen stress is at the highest level since records began, and much of that is blamed on children’s increasing exposure to technology. On the other hand, mobile operators have identified children and families as a major growing market and need to demonstrate to parents that use of their products will have a positive rather than negative effect on children’s wellbeing. By preloading our app to mobile devices, operators demonstrate that children’s wellbeing is at the heart of their strategy, inspiring brand loyalty from their customers.

    Revenue Model

    Our growth strategy is B2B2C, with four distinct revenue streams:
    • Distribution deals with brands who pay to preload our platform
    • Licensing deals for our branded merchandise and characters
    • In-app purchases made by parents to reward their children for positive behaviour
    • Platform fees from third party products we integrate or promote to our users.

    Exit Strategy

    We plan to exit the business via a trade sale in 2020 offering investors a 5x return on investment. We have aligned with key players in the media, tech and toy industries to ensure this is achievable.






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