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Jul 17, 2015 6:18 PM ET

Archived: The New ilumi. A Better Smartbulb: The Simplest, Brightest, & Smartest Light Bulb in the Universe! Limited Time: Starting from $29

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2015

Let your lighting be so much more than just light. Let it enhance your life, improve your sleep, complement your mood, ramp up your music and connect your whole home.

Introducing the all new ilumi Smartbulb. 

We’ve shipped tens of thousands of the original ilumi Smartbulbs since launching our first crowdfunding campaign in 2013, and have received amazing feedback from you, the ilumi nation. But we also saw an opportunity to make ilumi better and and we did. So, we’re coming back to the amazing crowd who gave ilumi that first spark to give you the best light bulb in the universe at an unbelievable price. It’s beautiful, powerful, simple, and comes with a steal of a price tag.

To go along with your new Smartbulbs, we are also completely revamping the ilumi app to make it even easier to achieve good lighting. The new app is designed to not only give you every color in the rainbow, but help you use it. So in addition to a beautiful new design, all new suggested lighting will help you try and choose exactly the right lighting for every room and every occasion. Have a look!

The new ilumi app redesign will be publicly available for download in the App Store & Google Play in November, 2015. In the meantime we’ll continue to improve the classic ilumi app with a new release in August that will work with your new ilumi Smartbulbs. This August release will include new experiences like Shake & Effects plus great new ways to use your ilumi with other intelligent things through IFTTT and Works with Nest. 

Want more than one perk or multiples? Pick a base perk and add from there!

With the new ilumi, we wanted to make setup and control even simpler and better. We improved our patented Bluetooth SmartMesh wireless technology for more reliable control, extended the range of each bulb to cover all corners of your home, and make it easier to control a whole network of ilumi at once.

And with all your preferences and schedules stored inside each ilumi, you can still use your light switch like normal.

ilumi founders, Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora, had their light bulb moment back in 2011 while classmates at UT Dallas. In 2013, the two took their idea for better lighting to the crowd, and raised over $140,000 for the original ilumi Smartbulb. Then in April 2014, the two decided to test the waters of Shark Tank and convinced Mark Cuban to come on board as an investor.

Since launching our first Smartbulbs, we’ve had amazing feedback from customers. Overall, customers have loved the simplicity, ease, great brightness, and amazing experiences of ilumi. Right now, our original ilumi smartbulbs are being used in large corporate offices, music and movie studios, hotels & restaurants, and thousands of homes across the globe. 

Because of all the amazing feedback we received from customers, ilumi has received numerous awards and has been covered in publications like TechCrunch, Huffington Post, SlashGear, and more. ilumi was even named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 100 Most Brilliant Companies of 2015. 

Since launching the original ilumi Smartbulb, we also received a lot of feedback and ideas from you about how to make ilumi better. And we listened.

What we heard is that you wanted, a smaller sleeker design, more reliable connectivity and range, more features and ways to use your ilumi, integration with other platforms, a more intuitive app to control ilumi, and most importantly a more affordable cost. We heard you loud and clear, and our team has been working for over a year to make this new ilumi Smartbulb for you. 

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ilumi solutions

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