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Jul 16, 2015 6:50 PM ET

Archived: The World’s 1st LIQUID METAL DISPLAY Watch

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015

The World’s 1st Liquid Metal Display(LMD) Watch!  

SEAHOPE LTD. starts crowd funding campaign” The world’s 1st Liquid Metal display watch” is now on  indiegogo.

Liquid Metal watch is like “Terminator T-1000″, Liquid metal changes the shape freely and then stops at the position of the time.

Japanese watch maker SEAHOPE ,announced today that it is raising funds via crowd funding campaign on indiegogo to finish the development of their revolutionary watch called ” Liquid Metal Display Watch”. SEAHOPE set out to raise $10,000 on indiegogo to start production of the world’s 1st Liquid Metal Display Watch.

LMD watch

The watch design concept is inspired from the movie “Terminator”. For Many Years have we dreamed to use an amazing Liquid Metal as a technology of the future that can function and change into any shape just like the morphing metal seen in the “Terminator” movies.


Liquid Metal Display watch changes from cool shapes into metal hands to tell the time.

We are going to release

Liquid color : Silver, Gold, Gunmetal Black  / Strap Metal , Leather

Price is from $130

If we surpass our initial goal, we will release 3more colors, Chrome Blue, Chome Green,and Chome Red. This is only possible if we raise more than $20,000.



Japan Analog movement

Water resistant

SS case back

Brass case

Light up function



SEAHOPE LTD / Master Kimura :

SEAHOPE is the company in Yokohama Japan. has over 18years experience producing stylish, unique watches. We have already released many unique LED, LCD watches. We think that Liquid Metal Display (LMD) create revolution in the watch industry.




We use the new material called “Metallium”

This liquid changes shape freely and then stops at the position of the time.


LMD Watch sample photos

These are not final version, just proto type model.

Contact Information:

34-2,112 Yanagi cho, Kanazawa ku, Yokohama shi, 236-0026

Phone:81 45 788 9460
E-mail: admin@seahope.com
company web site: https://www.seahope.com/

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