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Jul 14, 2015 12:51 PM ET

Archived: The first Wifi remote control Car With HD camera: Being with you anytime, anywhere., play with baby, take care of parent, entertain the pet

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2015

The first Wifi remote control Car With HD camera

1.  Where does the idea come from?

Our colleague, Rock is a software engineer in Shenzhen. Rising up early and going late to rest, with overtime work is really frequently happening. He loves the family, especially his 1-years-old son.

“Have the business travel for one month frequently.  It makes me miss the home, the lovely boy, the parents, and the wife.  Fear comes to me sometimes, especially the baby’s strangeness.

As a Maker, the item has been created with all our missing part for the family. “Forward” – “Backyard”-“Ready” – “Go” we can play with the baby by the break time during work and will never miss any grow minute. Nothing is more happy than that when you’ve heard first “Papa” from your baby

Being with family, playing with Child, taking care of parent, chasing with wife, it is Cloud-companion, it is you.


2. How does it work?

1.  The aerial with the Wifi function to access to Wifi signal, which makes the car to be controlled by smart phone. To achieve the best signal function, our technical colleagues spent several days for it. Finally, they equipped the item with 3.0 dbi wifi-aerial to achieve the best performance.

2. 1.3 M HD Infrared Camera with 720P makes the picture has a high quality for definition. 20 frames per second makes the pictures looks clear and people will received the video in real time from the smart phone or tablets.

3.The car toy is available to the smart phone worldwide, with the upgrading and updating software. 

4. Anti-slip and wearing resistant material make the wheels drive smoothly in any flooring. 

5.Infrared Cameras with LED lights makes it workable in the darkness. It has the night vision function.

6.Connect with the smart phone or tablets easily.

3. All the goodness

Cloud companion is a car toy. It consists of a Wireless camera,4 specialized wheels, speakers, circuit board,6 pcs LED  light,mini-USB port. The device can be connected to your home wifi.

1.  Real- time video helps you connected with the family and house in real time. You won’t miss any valuable minutes for the family, and keeps in your smart phone and memory. Never miss the baby’s first crawling, first step, first “papa” and etc.

2.“Ready, go”, baby has fun from the car toy with wireless camera, which can be used to adventure the house and otherwhere, than a simple car toy. Sometimes, 

“Car Toy Games” will take place with you and your children, even when you are outside the house. Distance won’t stop your communication and friendship.

3.Look after the parent’s life. If any emergency or accident, instant action can be taken.

4.Entertainment with our lonely lovely pet. Chasing the car will brings the pet joy.

5.  Drives the car on the wireless charger when low battery. It makes the charge easier, automobile and convenience.

4. Risk and Challenges

Software and appearance has been ready now. But mass production will brings some unexpected problems in technology and quality. We are planning to cooperate with an experience and reliable Shenzhen electronic company for solution. Comment and advice will be informed to us through the indiegogo and we will make the adjustment to refining as possible accordingly. Thus, some delay may happen without control. We will get you informed shortly for the situation.

Contact Information:

demi Nita
betty Green
bigi Emmerich

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