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Jul 14, 2015 6:33 PM ET

Archived: Swim For a Dream – 18.5 km in the Baltic Sea

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2015

Swim For a Dream – 18.5 km in the Baltic Sea

Twenty-three months ago I decided that at the end of July 2015 (24-26.07) I would swim across the 18.5km Bay of Puck in order to commemorate my grandpa and do something good for others.

I had never trained in swimming before and am financing everything for the swim and the charity and project “Swim For a Dream” out of my own pocket.

I invite you to have a look at the video below in order to learn more about the project – it has subtitles for 23 languages!


Swim For A Dream’s goals

  1. Commemorate my Grandpa and express my gratitude for what he has taught me;
  2. Raise money for three recognised Polish charities: Fundacja GAJUSZCaritas and MG13

The Baltic Sea Project

The shortest distance across the Bay of Puck (PolishZatoka Pucka) is between Hel and the main beach in Gdynia. It is 18.5km and that is the route I intend to take.

In order to get across the Bay of Puck, I will have to swim constantly for 6 to 8 hours with a team made up of a navigator, a medical rescue worker and my long-term friend and coach (Marek Jedrzejewski, who works with my as a volunteer) watching over my safety.

The distance I need to cross equals to 740 swimming pools (of 25 metres), but in fact, I will need to swim for approx. 20 kilometres, which amounts to 800 swimming pool length.

It’s swimming all the time; I am not allowed to take hold of an escort board or any of the crew members; I can’t touch them physically so the food that I will need to eat will be handed to me by means of a special feeding-pole, with the appropriate distance from the boat being maintained.

Cold water, waves, water pollution and ships crossing the bay are just some of the obstacles I will encounter, and I will be alone in the water for the whole time.

I mean, I hope to be alone, as according to fishermen’s stories, a whale may appear on my way!

The assistance you can provide is the financial contribution that will help me to finance the logistics of the challenge. The costs of the logistics include the cost of the escort board, remuneration of the crew members who are not volunteers (e.g. the navigator), accommodation and feeding of the crew.


I want to commemorate my grandpa.

He died of cancer in 2012. He was the one who taught me how to look at the world with awe and instilled in me love for sports and nature.  He was a great tailor, an adorable wag and an author of satirical works – which he  encouraged me to write as well.

He taught me to respect hard work and not to take myself and the world too seriously.

When I came back from the Erasmus student exchange program, I learnt that the grandpa had cancer. They say that lung cancer is not painful. That one was.

It was the first time in my life when I was to lose a family member. During such times everyone thinks about what we loose at the moment when such an important person passes away. About the things he have not said. About the things we will not learn.

Since childhood I was convinced that we all have just a moment here on earth. It is important to use this time wisely. After grandpa’s death I understood that I want to do something more, something that will commemorate him and that will contribute to the world around me.

I have lost a soul-mate, a friend and a teacher. I thought that if I don’t take some challenge, it will mean that I have squandered his heritage.

I used to work for an international consulting firm, but now I have focused on my trainings and matters related to Swim For a Dream. At the beginning I was alone in looking for partners and sponsors, and I publicized the project in all possible ways.

Now, more and more people join me, believe in me and want to help me. I believe in what I do and I am ready to take the challenge.

You can be part of SWIM FOR A DREAM.

Do it for others.

Do it for yourself.

I firmly believe, that whatever we give, returns to us multiplied.

Thank you.




Contact Information:

Adam Jerzykowski

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