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Jul 14, 2015 11:04 AM ET

Archived: MICROMANOS CORPORATION: a unique and creative social business process

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2015



MicroManos has started its social innovation business activities in 2003. It offers a unique and creative social business process that combines a variety of staffing services with custom designed financial services to deliver benefits to immigrants and US corporations.  We: 

  • Help businesses satisfy their staffing needs in the most efficient, cost-effective, and socially responsible manner; 
  • Provide companies with end-to-end human resource outsourcing services to drive efficiency, cost savings, and legal compliance.
  • Create opportunities for immigrants to stabilize their income, improve their quality of life, and mainstream into the workforce, becoming a first mover in a huge and untapped market. 
  • Deliver immigrant customers financial and other convenient services at affordable rate through branch network to help “unbanked customers” access to the most needed services and products at clean, friendly, and professional atmosphere. As a result of longtime and seamless effort, our branch network (currently 4) has created more than 35,000 very loyal and satisfied customers and it keeps growing by word of mouth.

Now that the first milestone as a unique social business model has been reached, we are taking next steps for growth and expansion:

  • Organic growth and expansion of business of both HR Solution and Financial Services
  • Commencement of development of innovative banking, transactional, and compliance monitoring software to be used in the projected creation of a new model bank. This is a part of simultaneous and parallel works to build a truly innovative and competitive bank able to serve more than 70 million currently unbanked people. 
  • Upon completion of the new model bank formation project, investment to MicroManos will be converted to the investment to the New Bank Holding Company (to be created) as a process of “Consolidation of Group Companies”. 



MicroManos is the first company to:

  • Aim to alleviate and resolve complex problems that immigrants face in their lives in the US by applying a professional social business approach and the passion of like-minded team to make changes for the better;
  • Offer a one-stop shop of employment services and financial services to employers and immigrants through the private sector and with a socially responsible aim;
  • Serve as an effective intermediary between low-income immigrant job seekers unable to find secure employment and companies struggling to fulfill their demand for legally available labor;
  • Make good changes and innovations in the immigrant focused financial service sector not only in service and product enhancement, but also in development of relative technologies to be applied for future banking services; and
  • Pursuit to form a strong conglomerate consisting of 1) a new model bank, 2) an innovative technology company, and 3) a social business company, in order to extend collective solutions to immigrants living in the US and their families in home countries by extending a variety of “Transnational Service Program”. 





MicroManos currently has already established international partnership network for both of “Employment Service for foreign workers” and “Financial Service for Transnational Families”. 

  • Through the funding for next step scaling and expansion plan, MicroManos will make many of new “Transnational Programs” available through forming new alliances with Micro Finance Institutions, Technology Institutes, Legal Firms, and other private sector companies in developing countries. 
  • In addition to MicroManos’ own organic growth plan, our ability to reach customers nationwide and international will be reinforced through the launch of “Specialized New Model Bank for Immigrant and Transnational Families” as it will be designed to offer collective global financial services by establishing extensive international correspondent bank alliance to tap into multiple cross border services such as; 1) Transnational Loans, 2) Cross Border Small Insurances, 3) International Remittances, etc.     
  • Smooth and successful funding for scaling and expansion is the very key of our domestic & international strategy.


Contact Information:

Atsumasa Tochisako

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