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Jul 14, 2015 9:18 AM ET

Archived: Android Video Game Console & Gaming Desktops: a gaming community that is based off the Android Community

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2015

Android Video Game Console & Gaming Desktops



I have to really give it to the product developers at Google, they make some really awesome products, honestly, my favorite electronics company in the entire industry.

This fact got me thinking, Google makes excellent phones, (Nexus), laptops (Chromebooks), but their UI that they all run on (Android), is really what makes the difference. Elegant, seamless, artistic, and Google does really well about keeping it open-source for developers to tinker with

So I thought to myself:

“Why not gather a team of the greatest Android Developers in the world and build Google’s first video game console and gaming laptops/desktops that run of Android?”

So I hired the company TopTal, the Android development titan to work on the project alongside me as I build the physical consoles and computers.

This is huge, but I think the best part about this project is the infinite possiblities we can strive for, not only does this open up a gaming community that is based off the Android Community, but emulators for basically all of the video game consoles before the newest generations are free and on the Play Market.

This is too big not to be a part of!

I you have any contacts that might consider working on this project for shares in the company, please give them my information!

Conrad Paul James I

Founder of (L)iving (U)ltra-(V)iolet Inc,
Entrepreneurial Think-tank


What makes this app so unique

  • Visonary concept, set to revolutionize the gaming industries.

Why we need your support

  • Pay to TopTal
  • Equipment needed to build physical parts
  • Funding for Marketing and Research
Contact Information:

Conrad Paul James I

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