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Jul 13, 2015 2:32 PM ET

Archived: SCREP: publishing initiative that wants to offer visibility to all the young talents, especially those who love to write novels, poems and music

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2015




SCREP receives the works of aspiring writers and public their works for free on the web.
Everyone can download and read or listen for free the writings and songs of those who like to be a writer directly to your smartphone or tablet.
Each month a ranking of the most read and written compositions is made and these are packaged into an ebook that is sold. The same happens for songs.
50% of the revenues will be distributed to the authors of the writings published ebook and 50% is given to charity or humanitarian initiatives.

SCREP is also journalism.
Web SCREP is a multimedia magazine to which everyone can work from anywhere in the world.
Everyone can become a journalist on SCREP and inform the whole world about our news and beauty of the place he is living in.
The multimedia magazine will have different themes such as school, tourism, art, music, events.

SCREP is actually also live local events for the promotion of literature, art, poetry, music and food.

SCREP promotes young musicians and organizes, with help from its local correspondents, events around the world in which it promotes the reading of works, novels, essays and poems in music events and international cuisine (mostly Italian and of great quality, though).

SCREP is a young, international, cultural place, committed and serious about culture, literature, poetry, music, good food and good living.

SCREP is on facebook here :

Contact Information:

Giuseppe De Nicola

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