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Jul 9, 2015 3:01 PM ET

Your10: to become the platform for trusted experts, brands & users to share market insights and showcase their own top10 personal product recommendations

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2015


The Idea

“The Instagram of Product Recommendations”

Millions of people are searching online every day in order to find the best products the market has to offer but we feel the overriding problem users find is that there is literally just too much choice to be able to filter through on your own.  

Where do you start? Google? Brand Websites? Facebook? Twitter? 

Who do you trust? Experts? Brands? Bloggers? Friends?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to just one site where you could be quickly and easily guided, in real time, to the best products by people you trust?

Your10 has the solution, by becoming the go to platform for trusted experts, brands & users to share market insights andshowcase their own top10 personal product recommendations in order to guide you to the best of the best!

A place where brands come to highlight their best products, users express their product passions and experts showcase their product expertise.

Interested in snowboarding? In seconds you could be guided to the best snowboards by an expert who has tested all the options, a friend who has just spent a season on the piste or a cool new brand who are releasing a new range of boards.

The unique Your10 user interface and format can act in a number of ways: as a means for consumers to share their lifestyle choices; for professional users and bloggers to showcase their best content, amplifying their views and expressions; and as a hub for discovery of new products and services. For brands it is a way of harnessing the power of the influencers to promote their brands and understand the way their customers interact and buy.

The beauty and power of your10 is that we make the important connection between search and social on a wholly product based platform and by forcing users to be economical with their advocacy choices we amplify the value of the resultant data.


The Business Model

We believe we know what people desire, their aspirations and where they like to spend their disposable income and we believe this is tremendously valuable information.

Exact user interests and buying preferences are collected and these hyper-targeted selections can be re-packaged for brands & advertisers. This is designed to ensure any promotional content seen by the user is relevant and of interest.

From a brand perspective we believe that these messages will receive deeper engagement and allow for greater personalization potential.

Your10 will concentrate on building a strong 3 sided network of User/Expert/Brand content and with this network we believe revenues will be realized initially from native advertising, targeted affiliate and brand sponsorship (in the form of sponsored trends, posts and brand accounts).  As the network matures several new revenue streams will open up as the data grows.  

As our users segment themselves into their own category preferences and buying patterns our aim is that your10 becomes the perfect tool to test brand sentiment and conduct product research while engaging users on a non-biased platform.

We have designed the platform so that marketers across verticals will delight at the opportunity to reach into an impassioned and segmented audience and as a result we believe that the advertising rates across your10 will be significantly higher than the industry average.


Progress to date

Your10 has developed a desktop solution to test hypotheses and at a very early stage interest in expert partnerships was proven with brands such as Evans Cycles, Snow&Rock and The Athlete Lab, to name but a few, all signing up to showcase their expert recommendations.

We are now moving on to developing the platform further to ensure it is fully responsive across every device to encourage users to participate on smartphone, tablet and desktop.


Use of Funds

The money from this raise will be used to strengthen the marketing and architecture of the platform, ensuring it is robust and ready to scale.  

The mobile solution will be completed to ensure a smooth and consistent appearance across all devices and we estimate that the work will begin on the phase 2 feature set in order to improve engagement and user retention as we grow our network in the UK and prepare to open further afield.

Contact Information:

Justin Glaister
Mark Bennett
Thomas St John
Ben Keogh
Peter Atalla

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