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Jul 9, 2015 8:53 AM ET

Shirtly: a London based software company facilitating on demand shirt cleaning

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2015




The Idea

Shirtly is a London based software company facilitating on demand shirt cleaning by connecting premium cleaning and delivery providers through a simple intuitive mobile app. 

Shirtly is:

  • On demand; We aim for 7 days a week service and from 8am to 11pm we will pick up & deliver your clean, pressed and securely wrapped shirts. 
  • Single proposition; We are simple, we only do shirts. We invest all our time and energy in improving our cleaning facility and process to ensure that we are the best. 
  • Transparent pricing; Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We aim to give you access to the best cleaners and reliable delivery services. 


Shirtly is a single product proposition. We focus on delivering great shirts. This enables us to offer our customers the ultimate in user experience allowing the customer to manage their weekly/monthly shirt cleaning in 3 simple clicks. 

Product Roadmap

Having a single product proposition also allows us to become ‘shirt experts’, or even scientists. We hope that claiming a slice of the on-demand cleaning services will just be the beginning of our journey. Shirtly aims to own the digital footprint of the shirt, eventually expanding the proposition to include wooden hangers on your next delivery, cufflinks, embroidered initials or even a replacement shirt if bad luck, (ketchup that is), hits you before your keynote presentation.


We founded Shirtly late 2014 after we concluded that no one has yet solved the most inconvenient daily chore – cleaning and ironing shirts. We looked at current propositions and felt that the laundry apps around are as boring as ironing and hence felt that we could add value and become the signpost app that will care for your shirts.


We think cleaning and ironing shirts is an art form. It requires the best laundry machines, manually managed pressers and years of experience to make sure each make and shape gets its perfect form. Our technology doesn’t connect any random high street cleaner with a outsourced delivery partner. We work with an established shirt cleaner and their designated drivers. This should create an ecosystem of excellence that will deliver an awesome experience in every regard. 


We have built our own technology from ground up and looked at reducing and removing steps for our users, aiming to make ordering pick up and delivery is as smooth as ordering an Uber or indeed from a service providers side of things as easy as reading a text. Our excellence will be reflected in constantly developing such as optimising our drivers’  routes and offering our customers more competitive deals. Our platform is secured by SSL and token based authentication encryption which should be able to scale as our user base grows or when we would add a new city.


We are aiming for the following timeline:

  • July: Closed beta testing
  • August: Beta testing
  • September: App store launch – Press event

(If you want to test the app send us a message and we’ll send you a download link and voucher for 5 shirts.)


Shirtly is so far self-funded and we are now excited to turn to the crowd to offer an opportunity to join us changing the world of convenience. The funds raised on Crowdcube will mainly go towards marketing, customer acquisition and keeping a skeleton team for customer support and admin. We are working under the assumption that the initial funding will take us through to first market fit process and we anticipate to raise a second round in the begining of 2016 to take us through to profitability.


Clean shirts for everyone.


Own the digital footprint of shirts.


Contact Information:


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