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Jul 9, 2015 2:27 PM ET

Archived: ExtraVerso – The Phone Case that Beats Gravity: Hands-Free, Gravity-Free, and Made in Italy

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2015

ExtraVerso – The Phone Case that Beats Gravity

Introducing the ExtraVerso Cover


ExtraVerso is the revolutionary smartphone case with an extraordinary grip. Stick it to any glassy surface – take a selfie, record a video, or follow your GPS hands-free.

ExtraVerso in the news

Take your phone to new heights. ExtraVerso is the best thing to happen to the smartphone since the front-facing camera.



How does the ExtraVerso cover work?

The innovative material has the suction effect on flat and glassy surfaces, but isn’t sticky at all to hands or pockets, and doesn’t attract dust.

The resin reproduces the effect of thousands of mini-suction cups that grip on tight to all non-porous surfaces.

Technical Specs

The cover is made of 2 parts:

   – A 3M® adhesive that has been developed for being repositionable, meaning you can place it on the phone and remove it many times, without leaving any sort of residue on your beloved phone

   – A lateral bumper that protects the edges of your phone.

The design-extremists that don’t want to alter the original (and wonderful) design of their smartphone, can choose to only place the back cover, without the bumper. They will therefore get all the grip, but a bit less of protection.

The more cautious will also place the lateral bumper, in order to get total protection for the smartphone. 

We hate bulkiness

We believe that the beauty of your phone shouldn’t be tarnished by a thick case. For this reason, the cover + the lateral bumper only add 1.5mm of thickness to the phone.

To clean it, just wipe it with a dry cloth. 

Trusted by the Best

We’ve already worked with some of the coolest companies and brands out there to create fully customized and limited editions of ExtraVerso. With our Extra-Unique perk, you can design an ExtraVerso of your very own.

“The UBER Edition of the ExtraVerso cover has been companion for several months now, and I enjoy it every day a little more!” Elena Lavezzi, Marketing Manager UBER Italy


Where we are and why we need you

Today, we secured contracts with all our suppliers, we made several product improvements, and we are already able to produce small batches of products. 

But now your support can make the difference.

We don’t want to keep our products available only for a small niche of people. We want the ExtraVerso cover to be available online and offline, to the entire world. And that’s why we need you. Increasing the production capacity, setting-up a reliable logistics structure, and dealing with increasing volumes need funding, that only you can provide us.


Risks and challenges

In the past months, we put a lot of work into designing, prototyping and testing our products. We established strong partnerships with all the suppliers involved in the manufacturing of our products, and we improved all the production and logistics processes.

For these reasons, we believe that the risks associated with the manufacturing and shipping are very low.

We are committed to keeping you informed of every step of manufacturing and shipping at the end of the campaign.

We can’t wait to get the ExtraVerso cover in your hands!


Contact Information:

Benedetto Levi
Flavio Nappi
Anne-Sophie Dutat

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