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Jul 8, 2015 12:39 PM ET

Archived: World Tour Documentary on an Ultralight Experimental Aircraft

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2015

Come along on this World Journey with me and we’ll gain a greater awareness of the world we live in and an experience its beauty. 360° cameras will be placed inside and outside the cockpit.

I have bought the airplane last week and am already backed up by some technical sponsors which will cut down the costs of the project considerably. I’m looking funds to cover fuel, international permit to fly fees and basic accommodation.

The trip will cross the whole world:

USA, Central America, South America, East Asia, South Asia , Australia, India, South Africa, North Africa and finally Europe .

My personal website is: www.angelomagni.com


This project has challenges on every front but it’s always good to face challenges and overcome them. The flight itself is both physically and mentally challenging, needing a lot of focus, planning and flexibility. You need to be able to consider the weather, the routes and fuel availability, communications with control towers, and also the functioning of the video equipment, and then editing it on the ground. It is definitely a huge task. But the resulting documentary will look amazing.

I am 38, an experienced pilot and have a long career as creative entrepreneur and producer of media for big brands.

I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2000, then funded several successful ventures, among which Italy’s first indoor skatepark, a modeling agency, a gadget to quit smoking, an ipad game, three coworking spaces, a small theatre, a recording studio, a multimedia production company, an aviators resort.

Five years ago I fell in love with flying and got an ultralight license. As soon as I got the license I bought a really inexpensive plane and my second flight I flew from Italy to Croatia, across the Adriatic sea, Island-hopping and loving it.
After that I went to Costa Rica to attend an Autogyro course, and then to Florida for my Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating.

Contact Information:

Angelo Magni

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