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Jul 8, 2015 4:37 PM ET

Archived: Make the Labor Herald Pozible: will feature all the news, views and human interest stories that shape our nation

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2015

Make the Labor Herald Pozible

The story of the project

We all know Tony Abbott likes to keep his news limited, but isn’t it time the Prime Minister lost his place in the national conversation?

With 44 per cent of Australians getting their news online, it’s also time for the Australian Labor Party to forge a stronger voice for supporters and our policy ideas

That’s why we are launching the digital-only Labor Herald – a progressive website with a weekly email that’s FREE to everyone and anyone who wants to take a squiz.

But while the Labor Herald comes for free, it won’t cost nothing.

Which is why we want you to be a part of it. The Labor Herald aspires to be curated and created by the people who really make politics happen – YOU!

We want your support, so we’re offering a ONE-TIME ONLY chance to become a Foundation Member.

Foundation Members will help us raise money to pay for content that cuts through and helps those Abbott-lovers think a little more critically about what really matters.

To really make the Labor Herald sing, we must pay Australia’s best writers, photographers and film-makers to contribute to the Labor conversation. Our $30,000 goal will only fund us through the first six months of our launch.

We’re also offering a $50 and $25 supporter reward, for those who just want to participate. After all, participating is what this new media venture will be all about!

Our Labor Herald stories will feature all the news, views and human interest stories that shape our nation. Yes, that will include stories from politicians, but also business leaders, visionaries and creatives.

If you’re interested in talking about current events, conversations, big ideas and the personalities driving politics forward, then our Labor Herald channel, The Lab, will be the perfect online destination for you. 

The Lab is our place for people – more like the soapbox of old in the Domain or a forum for people interested in Labor ideas and policies. It’s a place where people can be heard, hosted by the Australian Labor Party and committed volunteers.

How the funds will be used

Let’s be honest, plenty of volunteer blood, sweat and tears will make the Labor Herald happen.

Like the Australian Labor Party, the Labor Herald will rely heavily on people giving up their time for the cause.

But we need to pay skilled writers and videographers for the big stories. 

If you truly value the work of journalists and filmmakers, then this is how we will fund it.

Our staff salaries have been funded by generous donors to the Labor Herald. Our content budget has not.

That’s why this Pozible campaign is so important. If you believe ideas have the power to change a nation, then this is one thing you should get behind.

Contact Information:

Alex Brooks
Ross Caldwell
Ramez Shehata

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