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Jul 6, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Txtter: A beautiful messaging app with a focus on photos and privacy

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015









Txtter is a beautiful messaging app with a focus on photos and privacy.

Txtter is a messaging app with a focus on photos. Unlike any other messaging app, on Txtter each user has a profile where they can share many photos in a grid layout with their family and friends. Photos can be “Liked”, although no commenting is allowed, which gives the users the freedom to share photos without worrying what people will say, this protects teens from cyber-bullying. Usernames allow you to add contacts without giving them your number.


    Products & Services

    Txtter Messenger is a messaging app that has a strong focus on photos. Main features are listed below;
    Photo profiles – This is the USP, unlike any other messaging app, Txtter has profiles allowing users to share many photos.

    Phonebook contacts are auto synced. Contacts can also be added by usernames. This allows you to keep your number private.

    Photos can be ‘Liked’ with a heart icon.

    No commenting on photos. This gives users the freedom to share without worrying about what people will say. It protects teens from cyber-bullying.

    Feed – This shows the latest photos shared by your friends.

    Privacy – people can’t see who Liked your photos.

    Problem Solved

    There’s two big problems with messaging apps:First problem is that they are very poor for sharing photos with friends and family.If you want to share photos,you have to send it individually in a private chat,which is annoying. We think communication is all about simplifying the way we connect,so we decided to have a profile page for each user where they can share endless photos that can be seen by friends and family at a tap of a button.Second problem is that people feel uncomfortable giving their number out to chat on Whatsapp,so we’ve added Usernames so you can keep your number private.Signup method is phone verification and not email/password,this avoids spammers and fake accounts.

    Revenue Model

    The App is free, but as we grow, we can introduce monetisation channels.
    1- ads as sponsored posts, they would be an image or text that appears in the users news feed. Users can interact with the ad by “Liking” it. Advertisers can get analytics.
    2- In-App purchases. We can introduce premium emoji’s and animated stickers to share in chat conversations, we can charge for each graphic.
    3- Themes. Users can buy themes to customise the appearance of the app.

    Exit Strategy

    Exit valuations depend on the number of users.Here is a list of exits in this market along with the number of users they had at the point of exit.This will give you an idea of potential value for Txtter:Whatsapp: $19 Billion – 450 million users; Instagram: $1 Billion – 30 million users;Viber: $900 million – 300 million users;Snapchat: Reportedly rejected a $3 billion offer – 50+ million users;Txtter: Given that our 5 yr aim is over 100 million users, we would potentially be acquired for anything between $500 million to over $1 billion. Txtter would interest Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Snapchat and others.

    Messaging apps are the hottest property when it comes to exits.

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