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Jul 6, 2015 3:39 PM ET

Archived: Kernow Eco Fuel: To manufacture wood briquettes for domestic fires, log burners using existing wood waste

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015

Kernow Eco Fuel

Kernow Eco Fuel


Project aim

To manufacture wood briquettes for domestic fires, log burners using existing wood waste.

Briquettes are made from recycled woodwast, therefore they are enviromentally friendly.  They are made from a wast product, sawdust and shavings.

No glue or chemicals are used to bind the briquettes together.

They measure approx 6cm diameter by 5cm long.

Briquettes can be used on solid fuel open fires or enclosed fires, log burners, chimeneas and stoves.

They are manufactureed from dried timer that has been shredded.  They have a very low moisture content.  This low moisture content also ensures that they are easy to light and will not soot up your chimney.

Briquettes burn much hotter than wood off-cuts and do not spit or spark and leave very little or no ash.

The briquettesare packed in a sealed plastic bag so they are easy and clean to handle.

As the briquettes are manufactured from a waste product they are an environmentally friendly source of heat.

About the project:

I presently run a business in Liskeard (established in 2001) manufacturing dolls houses which are sold all over Europe.  The business is run from a modern workshop on the Liskeard Business Park.  We use the latest computer controlled CNC technology.  Please click on the link below for more info:


Due to the ever increasing cost of waste disposal and landfill taxes I needed to find a better way of disposing of the wood waste. The above machine will convert our wood waste into briquettes which is a cheap environmentally friendly fuel.

We currently have approx 20 tonnes of the raw product stored at our workshop.

If this project is successful I hope this will lead to a full time position for 1 person.



Contact Information:


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