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Jul 6, 2015 4:34 PM ET

Concrete Green: committed to building urban solutions to climate change

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015

Concrete Green


the project

We see a Bronx that captures rain to grow food on our roofs, captures sunlight to heat water, and sets urban trends for going green.  Our team can make these and your green dreams concrete.  If we can’t build it for you, we’ll find the closest, greenest business that can. 

We’re not just talented green infrastructure entrepreneurs.  We’re also committed to building urban solutions to climate change. 

We’re fundraising right now for bicycles and MTA cards so our travel will be carbon neutral.  Also for the development of our website.  Thanks for helping us make our green dreams concrete!


the steps

1. Identify local products & services we want to promote

2. Create webpage & catalog to feature products & services

3. Sign sales contracts with local businesses to promote green products & services

4. Outreach to the Bronx and beyond in person, through networks & on the web

5. Skills development: build team capacity to provide services ourselves

6. Product development: build & promote new products to address environmental needs

7. Integrate opportunities for training for other youth from Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice and Sistas & Brothas United 


why we’re doing it

The Bronx is a community plagued with contamination and unemployment.  Our planet is facing a climate crisis of epic proportions.  We believe we can address these issues by promoting local businesses that have products and services that address environmental needs.  Our own understanding of our community means we can reach people in ways companies cannot.   Our understanding of our environment will de-mystify “going green” for people and businesses so they can easily access products and services that can help save the planet.

These services complement YMPJ’s work to promote green infrastructure to save the Bronx River, and NWBCCC WAP energy-efficiency building retrofits.


Contact Information:

Concrete Green

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