Jul 3, 2015 2:53 PM ET

Archived: New Mental Health App – My Way Code – Follow the Signs to Emotional Wellbeing

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 3, 2015

My Way Code is a personal development programme to support good mental health that is planned to be based online and in mobile app to utilise many forms of interactive technology in use today including animation, video, game-play, surveys, podcasts…

My Way Code will offer a private, autonomous environment for young people adults to safely explore their feelings and identity.  It is based on and uses metaphors from a part of life we are very familiar with; travelling and already familiar road signs. Using journeys to explore areas of life such as identity, values/beliefs, evolution, career/work, education needs/wishes, body and mind, sexuality, self-harms and self-cares, finances, community…. The programme is really simple and has endless possible uses; individuals, families, businesses, education, care, prisons, training…

Encouraging autonomy and mastery increases the sense of personal responsibility to those around a person and their wider community. It is a person centred “self-help” programme that intrinsically supports the individual to enable them to celebrate their individuality whilst learning about themselves, their context, their impact on it and their place in their community.

My Way Code will help them to build a context that supports (and not sabotages) their needs and identified direction. It will enable them to tune into their internal warning signs and have confidence to act on their discomfort. People with an increased sense of identity, confidence in their inner resources and strength can communicate their needs better and sooner.

Your generous support will help the initial research and development phase so that we can build and test a firm evidence based model to build the programme and evaluate outcomes and therefore seek further investment and funding.

Contact Information:

creator & Director: Soni Cox
My Way Code CIC
Tel: +44 (0)7961 025550
Email: soni@mywaycode.org
Twitter: @MWCSoni
Facebook: theMYWAYCODE
Registered as a Limited Company (England and Wales) No: 09427296
Registered address: Coalfell Farm Cottage, Hall

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