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Jul 3, 2015 2:56 PM ET

Christopher Lee resurrected for children’s video game

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 3, 2015

EGGBIRD is a cartoon videogame for little children, it’s got a cute cast of bugs and birds, and the greatest voice of them all from beyond the grave.

If you think Christopher Lee, who died at the age of 93, was all about Dracula, Star Wars and James Bond villany, then think again. He was also an animated snake. EGGBIRD is his last ever performance for Mel Croucher, the founder of the UK video games industry and pioneer of interactive movies.

Mel says, “We had a ball, working together on several fantasy and epic games, but EGGBIRD is the one where Christopher Lee really enjoyed himself. He even sings the theme song! I guess we both found our inner-child somewhere in there. I was mixing the track when the news came through that he’d gone and dropped off the perch. Sad news, but this is going to be in celebration of him.”

As well as a life-affirming game, EGGBIRD can be viewed as a movie and read as a storybook, and the aim is to release it for all the children of the world in their own language. Not just the main world languages, but ALL the world’s languages.

Croucher’s previous collaboration with Christopher Lee resulted in the critically acclaimed Deus Ex Machina, released earlier this year, and which was part-funded by two successful Kickstarter campaigns. The new EGGBIRD Kickstarter campaign is now up and running, with the goal to get the child-friendly story of love, peace, gender-equality, healthy eating, and the creative use of bird droppings translated into every language in the world. Big ambition, big star, big chance for the public to grab a piece of the action.


[below, Sir Christopher Lee and Mel Croucher compare moustaches during a break in the recording]

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