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Jul 2, 2015 9:08 AM ET

Archived: SURKUS: a CrowdCasting platform that pays people to experience local venues and events

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015


SURKUS was founded with a mission to revolutionize the way people experience their cities, and the way business owners and marketers directly engage with their target audience. Using the power of CrowdCasting, SURKUS elevates venues, campaigns, and events by ensuring the ideal crowd is in place.


SURKUS works similar to a movie casting: through an easy-to-use app, the platform matches people, or SURKUSgoers, with events based on their profile and preferences.


Using a unique proprietary algorithm which collects relevant data from each SURKUSgoer, the system aggregates content from all social media feeds. Influencers are identified, qualified, and recruited (cast).

Businesses can use SURKUS to incentivize the perfect crowd to attend by minimizing traditional advertising and promotional costs. Through SURKUS, businesses are connected with their ideal crowds, and users get to attend events at must-see venues.


In the near term, SURKUS plans to CrowdCast with businesses in every major city across the United States. Bars and nightclubs are just the beginning. Imagine: sporting events, political rallies, fundraisers, special events, or product launches. With a goal of finding an event for everyone, the opportunities for SURKUS are endless.



In the two short months since it launched, SURKUS has generated immense momentum:


SURKUS is changing the marketing game by digitizing the process of connecting businesses and brands directly with their best crowds.

Currently, our margins are 25% of a business’ promotional budget to attract the ideal crowd. This unique value will only increase as the company’s user base continues to grow. Soon, SURKUS will be able to micro-target audiences and offer hyper-local events.




SURKUS is pioneering the CrowdCasting market. By attracting and securing attendance from high-profile social media stars, shared content from SURKUS is naturally poised to go viral, ensuring our user base expands exponentially.


A perfect match for the hospitality industry, SURKUS recently worked with W Hollywood Hotel to curate influencers to amplify the social reach of their #WSundayJazz, their weekly Sunday Jazz night series. That particular evening, Justin Bieber provided an impromptu performance, inspiring dozens of influencers in attendance to capture and share clips, generating millions of social media impressions.




Chances are, you’ve heard of this new investment phenomenon called “crowdfunding”, but have you heard of CrowdCasting yet? You probably haven’t, and that’s OK, because we at SURKUS will make it the OED’s next new addition. Do you remember when Facebook started in 2004 and introduced the term “Social Media” to the English language? Of course you do, Facebook is valued at $36B and has made its investors millions of dollars in returns, literally defining what “Social Media” is for generations to come. SURKUS is planning to do the same to event promotions by “CrowdCasting” them.


You might not have heard of us, but SURKUS has its eyes set on casting premieres, clubs, restaurants, films, events, concerts, and promos in every major city in the country, which represents a $38 billion market. Through RegA+ equity crowdfunding, you now have an opportunity to express your interest in owning a part of it.


You’ll never get the chance to get in on the ground floor of Apple or Google or Oculus, but you can get in early with SURKUS – the mobile CrowdCasting platform that is poised to rock the marketing world.



Contact Information:

Forest Zukerman
Robert Menendez
Jin Yu

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