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Jul 2, 2015 7:28 AM ET

Archived: MadRat Bevco: YES to Vitamin C, Natural B12, Folic Acid, Astaxanthin, Fiber & more in shots or powder!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

MadRat Bevco

[Image: MadRat Bevco]


Company Details

In 2013 Kristal and husband, Dwayne (former bass player of rock band, Blue October), were given the opportunity to create a holistic/alternative energy drink.  Searching for a catchy company name and a brand that captured their true selves (i.e. their inner-rock star;Harley enthusiasts; adventurous; MMA trained; Passionate health & fitness lovers); MadRat, who sat unused for several years, was resurrected!  MadRat the brand and the character have given Kristal and Dwayne the ability to take both of their passions and meld them into an amazing company!  MadRat Bevco is the creator of healthy, alternative beverages, the first being Elixr, the holistic energy drink in shot bottles and powdered drink mix.  They are currently developing several other beverages that increase energy, improve health and inspire happiness.


About the Team

Our mascot, MadRat, is a funny, wild-eyed cartoon character who was created by artist, Dwayne Casey in the mid-eighties.  His original purpose was to ensue laughter and happiness.   His creation served as an artistic outlet.  Dwayne had challenges growing up, however, he has allowed those experiences to make him stronger and give him the courage to fulfill his dreams

As years progressed this fun-loving, laughter-inducing cartoon character gained strength and begin to represent the evolution of Dwayne himself.  In late 1990’s he bought the domain name, madrat.com and created his first graphic design company, designing the logo seen today.  The corporate version of MadRat was born.


Contact Information:

Kristal Casey
Dwayne Casey
John Hill

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