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Jul 2, 2015 12:54 PM ET

Archived: Ion Alkaline Water LLC: the first retail alkaline water store in North America

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

Ion Alkaline Water LLC

Ion Alkaline Water LLC Logo


Ion Alkaline Water LLC is the first retail alkaline water store in North America.

“Mandeville Louisiana was not my first choice, the store was to open three years ago in Maui Hawaii.”

I am going to write you as a man about my life and present business. I will try to avoid all of the enticing self-promoting egos, visions of grandeur, innuendos, and flowery promises normally laced in proposals. I retired out of the construction/home improvement industry over 20 years ago. My company had over 5000 employees and subcontractors in five states. I know how to expand, manage, and grow a business with multiple locations.

Two years ago while living in Maui my wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With a 96% death rate we naturally took her home to Mandeville. This brave woman turned down chemotherapy and radiation making her possibly the rarest survivor in the world. She will tell you that Ion Alkaline Water is a huge part of her recovery.

I have never been more passionate about anything in my life as I am about Ion Alkaline Water. At 67 I hope to do this quicker than the 25 years it took me to grow the construction business. I have five new locations that I personally plan to open this calendar year.

Mandeville Louisiana was a real retail challenge for several reasons. The people are full of life and very friendly but the state is not known for its healthy lifestyle choices ranking third in the nation for obesity. It is rated at number 44 for the lowest income levels, and 45th on education levels. I personally thrive on challenges, yes I spent some money, learned a lot and the store was a huge success its very first year.

Our Ion Alkaline Water purifiers generate a huge profit revenue stream of 3 to 5 hundred percent; but it was the rental market that I established that bridged the gaps, and every rental unit turned onto a sale within six months. We are the future of all world water.

Products / Services

Ion Alkaline Water Purifiers

We have nine models. Three under the counter, four over the counter, and one cold unit. Our purifiers make four levels of ion alkaline water, two levels of acidic and one pure level.

Our purifiers are used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The active infused hydrogen in ion alkaline water is great for flushing toxins, neutralizing free radicals, flushing acids from your body. Ion alkaline water is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Not a food or supplement compares to the power of ion alkaline water.

It is a proven medical fact that no disease including cancer can exist in an alkaline environment. There is not a doctor or hospital that can deny that proven medical fact. Dr. Warburg won a Nobel prize proving that fact to the world. How important is it to alkalize your body?

Sanitize fruits and vegetables removing all bacteria and farm residue with acidic water. We designed mobil alkaline purity that moves when you do.

Sweetwater Shower Systems

Our shower system removes all chlorine. Designed with an art cut shower head the system produces water that is soft like rain water infused with collagen, vitamin c and natural light lavender aroma therapy. Great profits and continual sales of refills. Tell any woman she can shower in collagen and watch her eyes.

Commercial Alkaline Purifiers The Fastest Growing Part Of Our Business

Ion Alkaline Water must be made fresh and consumed within 48 hours. It is impossible to bottle, and if we could Mr. Bill Gates would be my chauffeur.

Our commercial units are the new gas filling stations of the water business.

We install commercial ion alkaline water purifiers for FREE in restaurants, gyms, health and nutrition stores, etc. (The list is much longer than space here.) Restaurants sell fresh made alkaline water at $3 per bottle and we make $1 for every liter sold. Gyms do refills on a two liter bpa free bottle that we supply and we make .50 cents a liter.

Our company has turned what used to be FREE table water service into huge profits for restaurants. I ask you how many filling stations do you see? The meters run all night.

Presently we are in negotiation to supply the alkaline systems to offshore oil platforms ending their bottled water nightmare of delivering over a trailer load every month. A logistical ecological nightmare for oil companies.

Contact Information:

Rick Johnston
Gail Brown
Jerry Gatto
Loyd LeBlanck
Jody Hartsell

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