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Jul 2, 2015 2:22 PM ET

Archived: A.R.C Arts Revolution Collective: to create a hub in which we can primarily expose the underground collective arts scene to the community of Ballarat and world

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

A.R.C Arts Revolution Collective

The story of the project

Our goal is to create a hub in which we can primarily expose the underground collective arts scene to the community of Ballarat, broader Victoria, and world.
We are a group of fifty – plus artists, crafters and environmental warriors seeking to establish a space for all kinds of arts and crafts, sustainable thinking and production, a collective to share ideas, produce and sell all kinds of handmade wares, as well as offering a variety of services to the local community.
We all have a unique set of skills and offer a huge range of services both through freelance work and directly from our shop.
Our current goal is to find a space that will consist of studios in which we produce our wares that we sell at front of house, along with coffee and home-made organic seasonal food.
From our base we will also offer large scale and specialist printing, hand crafting and manufacturing, a wide variety of workshops and lessons; and also act as an artistic hotspot in which the community and thus broader world can enjoy.
We encourage collaboration and skill sharing, and have a lot of our own equipment, this allows for a massive variety of goods to be offered and leads to the creation of some really unique and amazing items.
We already have a good variety of freelance artists offering skills in puppet making, graphic design, mural painting, photography, tattooing, organic home made catering, landscaping and gardening, spirituality and politics, software, games, electronics …just to name a few.
We are a new collective and are looking to grow, to reach out to other like minded groups and create a strong community that can make a real difference in Ballarat and beyond.

How the funds will be used

Our primary purpose is to open a shopfront / Coffee Shop and workshop space, we need to cover about 6 months of rent at about  $700 a week while we establish the collective studio, we have set our goal to $15,000 to achieve this.On top of this we are looking to purchase a variety of machines:
embroidery machine $800,
vinyl cutter and plotter  $1,200
heat rollers $5,500

Should we exceed the amount required to purchase the above further funds will be spent to install and establish a kitchen within the studio. should we really exceed target then we can purchase some commercial space outright for all to use now and for the use of future generation artists

Some of my other work


securing a space large enough and in a high traffic area, to deal with this we can link in with other close by businesses to alleviate pressure on the space we require
Contact Information:

Derek John Robertson

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