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Jun 29, 2015 9:59 AM ET

Archived: ZONE V: to produce a smart phone aimed at older consumers and those with limited eyesight, hearing or dexterity

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2015


About Zone V

With global sales of 1.2Bn in 2014 [1], it is generally accepted that the mobile phone is an integral part of modern life for many people around the world. For our older generation and for those with limited use of their eyesight, hearing or dexterity, in the opinion of the Company, it has great potential but it can be a challenge to use effectively.

Many of us with older parents, relatives or friends experience this daily. This is referred to as the ‘digital divide’, where lack of access to technology creates an increasing inequality.[2] The purpose of Zone V is to empower people with ageing eyes and visual impairment globally by providing inclusively designed and accessible mobile phones, applications and services, and also to reach a wider market that would potentially benefit from easier to use smartphones.

Over the past 3 years, Zone V has developed, tested and successfully proven a range of product solutions, and is now in the final preparations to go to market. The Directors consider the need to be worldwide and, as a result, have planned the business model to be scalable globally. The Company has an experienced and expert team committed to the success of Zone V. The Directors believe the mobile phone business has a mature and efficient supply chain, and the Company has proposals from world class partners in product supply, manufacture and distribution.

[1] http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2996817

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_divide

Investment Offer

Zone V is looking to raise approximately £1M (£640K from CrowdBnk investors) to go to market and a further £500k for growth, and for this up to 23% of the equity (17.54% allocated to CrowdBnk investors) is on offer.  Zone V have already raised EUR500k (£360,000 [3]) from the company’s main investor who has been an investor in Zone V since the start of the project.

[3] £1 = €1.3868: Financial Times 14/5/15

Exit Strategy

In the view of the directors, there are a number of ways in which strong shareholder returns can be created. These are dependent on a successful fundraise and implementation of the business plan.

Share Repurchase: The directors are reviewing a share repurchase program and may study further for potential in year 3 / 4.

Trade Sale: Zone V’s strategy of creating a strong brand, positioned as the product of choice for the target sector, strategically strengthens this option over the first three to four years.

Dividends: Zone V’s directors anticipate that dividends could be paid once the period of 3 years after the issue of the shares under EIS programme has passed.

Secondary Purchase: As a profitable business also with good growth potential from year 3, sale to a Venture Capital firm (VC) is a possibility. 

Contact Information:

Peter Ashall
Frank Nuovo
Richard Ashall
Sarah Guggenheim
Mike Bowerman

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