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Jun 29, 2015 1:03 PM ET

Archived: Save your money to medical treatments: the first full service platform for medical tourism

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2015

Save your money to medical treatments

Where did the idea of BakimWay

A long time ago, a friend of mine had a medical problem. He had a little accident and he broke four teeth. He went to see a doctor in London, but when he heard the total price of the operation, he remained numb, 9.000 pounds including the implant.
Because he had a difficult financial situation, I started to search for doctors in other countries. Finally I managed to find a clinic in Hungary, where the total cost of the treatment was 2.300 pounds.
The total cost for the ticket plane, the housing and the meal was of 700 pounds for only 10 days.
The cost of the treatment was saved with 6.000 pounds.
Because it was so difficult to find this particular clinic, we decided to create a website where the patients can very easily find the proper clinic for their treatment.
This is the reason why Bakimway was created, the portal that helps you find the proper doctor for the services you need and search.
What’s more? Beside doctors, we can also find hotels near the chosen clinic; you can book it, restaurants where you can have a meal, but also some entertainment or some recommended places to visit between 2 sessions of treatment.

We need your help to develop the platform and to be able to offer help to the people who really need medical services, services that they cannot afford due to high fees.

All of us should have the right to benefit from proper medical care! All of us have the right to be healthy.

About the project

We want to offer patients a complete medical travel online platform that will enable them to find affordable medical care, accommodation, dining venues and leisure options abroad.

Health is the most valuable asset of an individual. People need cost effective medical care, shorter waiting times to receive treatment and deserve to benefit from the latest technology in healthcare. That is why often people choose to travel abroad to countries like Poland, Hungary, Turkey or Thailand to receive treatment and also enjoy a nice vacation. We created BakimWay to offer patients simple and affordable medical trips. On our platform patients find clinics, hotels, restaurants and leisure options in the area of their chosen clinic. 

We give healthcare a new perspective: people can go abroad for affordable medical treatment and enjoy the time they spend while there. BakimWay is the first all-in-one medical travel platform that helps people find all they need to plan a full medical trip. We bring to the table a practical tool that improves patient’s lives and educates people with respect to the options they have in healthcare. Medical tourism is an emerging industry that continues to grow year after year. This sector offers plenty of possibilities and features that can be implemented to simplify patient’s searches for everything they need when travelling for healthcare services. We plan to further develop our platform and implement additional features that will bring even more value to patients worldwide.

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Contact Information:

Daniel Condrea

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