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Jun 29, 2015 7:08 PM ET

Archived: Eirias Triathlon Prize Fund: To create a huge prize fund to help attract triathletes from all over the UK to Colwyn Bay

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2015

Eirias Triathlon Prize Fund

Eirias Triathlon Prize Fund


We have developed a new approach to sponsorship that allows businesses of all sizes, individuals and brands to have visibility at a mass participation sports event where the sponsorship money goes straight into the athletes’ prize fund.

By supporting the various donation options you know that the money invested goes directly into the prize fund for athletes, which we would like to make one of the biggest in the UK by all working together.

We have invested £1500 to start this off and we will call this “Crowdfunded Prize Fund for Triathletes”. We want to start this initiative at The Eirias Triathlon which is recognised as one of the most challenging events in Wales. Now in its fourth year the event has been praised by athletes as being a great triathlon.

For the 2015 event, we have moved dates to the end of the triathlon calendar (26th September) and with the introduction of the cash team prize we are hoping to attract athletes from all over the UK.

The “Crowd funded Prize Fund for Triathletes” is the first of its kind for a triathlon and this prize fund goes straight back to the winning athletes of this triathlon. By being part of this community initiative you will help to attract athletes from all over the UK to attend this amazing event in North Wales, boosting the economy for the region further and ultimately investing in triathlon development combined with athlete investment.

In return for a donation to the prize fund we offer advertising space to businesses and any individuals who would like to see more visitors coming to Colwyn Bay and the fabulous PORTH EIRIAS venue, please see below for details.

Triathlon is a fast growing sport, and research shows that triathletes tend to be professionals, age 25-45, with high disposable incomes, 70% of whom are male. A large prize fund will help to attract competitors, family and friends to the Colwyn Bay area, many of whom will stay overnight, making a significant economic impact, both over the weekend, and for future visits. The money won by the Triathletes will help to develop the sport further by being invested into the athletes from grass routes to seasoned pros, the winners will receive the prize fund so invested straight back into athlete development.

We want to create a unique approach to sponsorship that goes straight to the athletes whilst creating visibility for you, your business or brand. This will be the first application of this initiative at The Eirias Triathlon.

NOTE: Xtra Mile Events reserve the right to decline donations through this initiative.

Contact Information:

Xtra Mile Events

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