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Jun 29, 2015 10:13 AM ET

Archived: Capsells: a complete clean energy destination portal, offering a comprehensive array of solar/cleantech & energy efficiency products

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2015


Company Details


Capsells is a complete clean energy destination portal, offering a comprehensive array of solar/cleantech & energy efficiency products for Consumer, Residential and Commercial applications.

We dream by planning for a cleaner, safer and improved planet.

We know the science behind every item we sell and are committed to delivering our hand-selected clean technology products to consumers, worldwide, in what will be the most comprehensive destination of modern clean technology products in in the industry.

Capsells is a one-stop-shop for low-cost, renewable clean energy products including wind, sun, water, and energy efficiency products.  Every product featured is healthy, safe, biodegradable, eco-friendly and money saving.  Capsells is initially launching 500+ products with plans of increasing its portfolio to 2000 products by year 3.

We understand how investing in vetting, compiling and marketing the very best clean technologies will lead to strong long-term market growth.  As a result, CleanArc Power Corporation (CAP) is well positioned to be the market leader in this space.

CleanArc Power Sells (Capsells) is the conduit by which CAP’s goals, as stated above, are fully realized.  Capsells is an inclusive e-commerce site housing 500+ solar and energy efficiency products representing an uncensored deluge of ideas, where bright designs and free-of-error products are housed under one eco-friendly roof.   Capsells is a complete marketplace full of the most highly sought after solar, energy efficient, lighting, heating/cooling, RV/marine, outdoor, water purification/treatment and wind turbine products known to man.

CAP is set to launch a meticulously coded, clean technology portal to service socially conscious consumers, government agencies, residential communities, technologically savvy homeowners and business owners, outdoor aficionados, DIY’ers andcontractors, electromechanical engineers, roofers, HVAC, and builders. 

Capsells will streamline the clean technology buying experience by guiding customers through an enjoyable and easy-to-use online buying experience. The items will live to bring the online experience to a more personal place, and one that allows the consumer to think less and buy more.  To that end, Capsells will smartly and helpfully package products according to genre so the customer planning a camping excursion in the desert or the commercial engineer constructing a new, green residential oasis in the heart of Manhattan will be outfitted with all the information and list of products necessary for that mission.

The Capsells.com website will also educate the consumer on how to use the clean technology solutions in tandem with other products found in Capsells’ extensive product database.  Clean technologies have never been showcased this way before.  For that reason, and many others, CAP will be the global leader in providing a well-curated product catalogue allowing information, consumer enrichment, and clean energy/sustainability solutions for today’s most challenging environmental issues to thrive.

It is no secret the world has a fixed amount of natural resources. As such, investing or working as a strategic partner in green technologies makes prodigious business sense—clean technology products are the fastest growing markets with rising profits. CleanArc Power Corporation was formed in order to acquire and consolidate growth-stage green energy and clean technology companies across three main sector groupings: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Smart Energy Management. The CAP platform provides shared services (legal, accounting, SG&A, etc.) across the portfolio in addition to other value-added services that reduce costs and enhance revenue and margin opportunities. Individually the targeted portfolio companies generally command smaller valuations due to size, liquidity, and segment related discounts. The CAP platform creates a “pure-play” renewable energy investment vehicle with sufficient size, cash flow, and enticing segment reporting that will command a significantly higher valuation.                              

CAP is an innovative new company that is attempting to consolidate and integrate growth-stage energy technology companies to accelerate the development and delivery of competitive, clean energy solutions. Capsells will rapidly rollout a wide range of well-edited solar/clean tech products that residential consumers, government agencies and commercial installers can effortlessly purchase with the click (or touch) of a button.

Consumers know that buying clean technology can reduce their energy bills and green innovations are often safer products.  Clean technologies too can lower a company’s environmental impact and may provide improvements in resource efficiency and productivity. When a company operates with less energy and materials, or produces less waste, the result can create more economic value for the company and its shareholders.

The following are fiscal and operational components of this plan in order to secure capital-structuring commitments to facilitate CAP’s initial operational launch.  The CAP and Capsells team are bursting with excitement to begin the groundbreaking work of making available clean technology products to the world at large.



Capsells was established to counteract the tremendous risk that climate change poses to ecosystems, businesses, and species driven to extinction. There is no question climate change is happening. It is the greatest planet-wide challenge of our time.  The World Meteorological Organization warns concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new record high in 2012.  The International Panel on Climate Change found, in the most definitive language used to date, that it is “extremely likely” the current drastic change in climate is predominantly man made.  By exacerbating our trade deficit, American oil imports drag on domestic economic growth. Our dependence on fossil fuels also undermines our national security by sending hundreds of millions of dollars every day to hostile regimes.  Simply put, we must kick our fossil fuel habit, and this means radically increasing the amount of energy produced from clean renewable sources. Luckily, this is an entirely reachable goal, provided we invest in clean technology energy solutions and increase investments in green equipment and infrastructure.

There is a monetary value (and altruistic one too) in investing in a company that is, at its core, devoted to renewable energy products. Clean energy investment has surpassed investments in fossil fuels.  The global market for clean energy was worth a mammoth $250 billion in 2012. The United States is currently leading in corporate R&D and venture capital investments in clean energy globally, and in 2011 retook the top spot in overall investment with a 33 percent increase to $55.9 billion (a 33% increase from 2010).  Clean energy undoubtedly plays a central role in revitalizing our economy, putting Americans back to work, and keeping America on the cutting edge of innovation and growth. Need more proof investing in clean technology is highly lucrative?

Returns from renewable energy projects knock the socks off standard cash savings accounts.  Besides being good for the planet, investing in renewable energy is a rapidly emerging trend among the world’s biggest investors. There is enormous room for growth in the renewable energy sectors both in the U.S. and abroad.   Goldman Sachs, the fifth-largest bank in the world, called renewable energy sectors “one of the biggest profit opportunities since its economists got excited about emerging markets in 2001.”

Accordingly, investing in clean technology does not mean investors have to sacrifice returns.  On the contrary, the potential for CAP is broad and likely to expand because it can add to both a company’s bottom line and bring greenbacks to an investor’s portfolio.

CAP finds and promotes sustainable, cost effective solutions for today’s climate crisis. CAP will be a powerful force for change through its Capsells website by helping establish energy independence and giving Americans the tools to make solar a key component of solving our energy challenges.

Capsells’ custom designed state-of-the-art website will be one of the best in the clean technology products space. The site will offer a wide variety of high quality preparedness and self-sufficient solar products including items for solar & renewable energy, gardening, home and pools, RV, survival and much more. One cannot afford to miss the clean technology products movement.



Capsells’ mission is to create a profitable company selling an arsenal of environmentally friendly products under one ethically sourced roof.

CleanArc Power was founded with the important goal of addressing market opportunities presented by today’s energy and environmental challenges with optimal scalability and efficiency.  This is a realistic target as the current market does not have any structure resembling CAP’s.

Contact Information:

John E. Richardson, Jr.
Stephen Webster
Scott Stefan
Mark Warner

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