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Jun 28, 2015 1:32 AM ET

Archived: Stout Spice Co. Seeks for People’s Support with Their Newest Project Highlighting Organic and Fresh Blend of Spices

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2015

Stout Spice Co. is a highly recognized company for over twenty years that starts from the small projects selling to family and friends. To expand the company services, they are pleased to announce of their newest project online that includes everything from national up to international sales. Stout Spice Co. is pleased to announce of their newest project highlighting organic and fresh blend of spices that can uphold delicious menus in the table and pop up people’s taste buds.

With the success of their business at local craft fairs, boutiques, and online sales, they are now ready to let their business be at its next level and get their product into retail stores. The company currently has eight kinds of spices that cater to all the levels of the culinary arts. The primary aim of the company with these spices is to arouse awareness of the people with the best spices that they may use in cooking that suits to the needs of their friend and family.

The eight spices that Stout Spice Co. offers includes Cajun spice, pickling spice, onion powder, mulling spice and lemon pepper. They also offer Jamaican jerk, Italian, and curry powder. Apart from these eight spices, they are also proud to have their future spices and that includes the garam masala, gumbo file, herbs de provence as well as poultry seasoning. Stout Spice Co. also have chili blend and garlic powder that can offer the best taste to the different types of food people are usually preparing.

The launch of this project is not an easy part for the Stout Spice Co. This is the reason why they are seeking for people’s help in order to launch this project due to massive costs in ordering these spices in bulk. While their products are assembled and made primarily by hand, the supplies needed to craft them are usually sold in large quantities which make it very costly.  The expansion of this product upholds different types of obstacles. That is why they are seeking for the great help of people towards its success and progress.

With the long years of experience that the company Stout Spice Co. obtains, they are expecting that more and more people will continue to be part of the biggest development of this project. No matter how this project takes, they are assured that people will support them as what they’ve done from their previous projects before.

Contact Information:

Justin Stout
Stout Spice Co.

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